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Established: 1901
Ended: 1946


The partnership between VT JONES and WJ McWILLIAMS in Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth which lasted half a century, from 1901 to 1946. It was among the best known practices in South Africa and executed a large number of major buildings in Port Elizabeth. In 1907 the firm was also briefly listed in Johannesburg, perhaps having opened a branch office away from Port Elizabeth owing perhaps to the depression. Several of their designs were exhibited at the Royal Academy, London, and House Freilinghaus: Matoppos, was chosen as one of the examples of South African architecture for exhibition at the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley in 1924. From 1931 HH McWILLIAMS joined the office, first as an assistant. His arrival had a significant effect on the design approach of the firm (see St Patrick's Catholic Church) becoming enriched by McWILLIAMS's inventive and youthful ideas which were bold and idiosyncratic.

(Bodill 1986; Longlands Jhb & SAR dir 1907)

Port Elizabeth: Guardian Assr & Trust Co, proposed (SAB Jul 1936:52; SAB Dec 1936:61; SA Archt Sep 1939:205) 1936-9; Elizabeth Donkin Hospital, proposed (SAB Feb 1937:51; SAB Apr 1937:55) 1937;

Submitted and entry for the Competition for the new Prime Minister's Residence - unplaced.

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