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Innes Chambers
Central, Johannesburg, Gauteng


Type:Commercial mixed use
Street:Pritchard Street


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26°12'10.55" S 28°02'41.85" E Alt: 1771m

Artistic and intelligent feel for then contemporary trends in international architecture. The building has an expressive terrazzo structural sun-screening comprising a series of Y-columns, being not only structural but acting as a brise-soleil and as foil to the advocates' chambers behind them.

2020 - Recently refurbished for the National Prosecuting Authority.


An expressionist Y-column facade screen, sketched by Abramowich to mimic the shadows of his favourite shade tree, sets Innes apart from its mid-century contemporaries. The building — more a playful Brazilian than corporate Joburger — was carefully adapted to the inner city locale, providing a masterfully minimalist counterpoint to the neoclassical high court building across Pritchard Street. Clad in opalescent white mosaic, this downtown icon still shimmers in the golden highveld sunlight, as crisp and relevant today as it was almost 60 years ago.

Source: Mod squad: Six marvellous South African buildings to know about by Brian McKechnie in Business Day, 14 September 2020.

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