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Fanny Knight Memorial
Charlestown district, KwaZulu-Natal



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On the district road between Charlestown and Memel lies this monument on the southern slope of Amajuba Mountain. The monument marks the spot on the road where Stephanus Swart murdered Fanny Knight and G Roets. They were victims in a 24 hour long murder spree while Swart was evading arrest and hunting down his estranged wife Annie Swart, and ended when Swart committed suicide after shooting 8 victims and wounding a further 3.

Transcript of the plaque on the monument:

Hierdie Gedenkteken
is opgerig
ter gedagtenis aan
Fannie Knight
- nee Eksteen -
G. Roets.
Wat deur S (Stephanus) Swart geskiet was
op die 6de Mei 1927
terwyl hy van die Poliesie
ontsnap het
te Potters Hill

(This memorial was erected to the memory of Fannie Knight - nee Eksteen - and G. Roets who were shot by S Swart on the 6th May 1927 after escaping from the police at Potters Hill)

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