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Bridge over the Hex River
Kroondal, North West

Karl HEYNE: Architect

Date:Early 1900s


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25°42'53.76" S 27°17'56.99" E Alt: 1148m

Note: Anybody visiting this site must be aware that the structure is in a dangerous state of collapse and people should stay away from it!

Read about two of the Heyne bridges in Remnants of two old Stone and Iron Bridges over the Hex River near the Olifantsnekdam, Magaliesberg by Konrad Voges.

2015 01 27:

Konrad Vogel who's report we published as the above article writes:

"When I sent you the report on the two bridges a couple of months or so ago I passed copies of it on to some of the local V-VIPs [ the first 'V' standing for 'village'].

"The villagers here are very history minded and - rightly so - proud of their common heritage. Therefore the passage 'This bridge is in a fair condition although one span is in danger of collapse. Loads of rubble have been dumped onto the bridge – presumably to stop people from driving across; and scavengers are removing struts from the trusses, thus weakening the structure.' caused some of them to take action. The first step was to remove much of the trees and shrubs hiding the bridge from view. It now is quite visible to passing travellers; and hopefully stops some of the scavenging of bits of the steel structure. It was quite a shock now to see the full extent of the damage already done.

"The accompanying photos serve to explain much of it."

All truncated references not fully cited below are those of Joanna Walker's original text and cited in full in the 'Bibliography' entry of the Lexicon.