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House Garlick
Cape Town, Western Cape

William Hood GRANT: Architect

Client:Mr Roy Garlick

Cumming-George 1933

HERE IS A modern Cape Town house which has many features belonging to that delightful period of domestic architecture — the Jacobean. Its mullioned windows, tall brick chimney stacks, the use of stone for quoins and framing of entrances, — these characteristics, together with the approach to the main entrance, which ends in a fine walled garden-court surrounded by subsidiary buildings, are the main features and are handled in the traditional manner.

The main entrance is very pleasing with its square stone porch and projecting bay above; and though the entrance door is severely simple, there is more elaborate treatment inside the hall, which is open to the second floor. The wide staircase goes up through an arched opening and crosses the main entrance by means of a half landing on which is the bay window above the porch. Looking up from the hall, the treatment of this landing constitutes a very beautiful portion of the design. The big arched opening is flanked by handsome pilasters connected with a wrought iron balustrade, with smaller arched openings on either side.

On the upper floor, the main bedroom and dressing room together with its bathroom, forms a private suite, the whole colour scheme throughout the suite being in rich purple and gold.

The kitchen wing has a servant's sitting room, a big laundry electrically equipped, and fine garages beyond.

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