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War Memorial to the 5th Imperial Yeomanry
Klerksdorp, North West

William Tait CONNER: Architect


Information supplied by Mr Bert Gaffen, Senior Historian at the Klerksdorp Museum:

The 5th I Y refers to the 5th Imperial Yeomanry, a British Army unit during the Second South African War of Independence, commonly referred to as the Anglo Boer War. Members of the Yeomanry (they were from Durham and Northumberland in particular) were killed in action at the Battle of Ysterspruit, also sometimes referred to in literature as "Yzer Spruit". This battle took place near Klerksdorp on 24 February 1902 when their convoy was attacked by Gen. De la Rey's forces.

I am afraid I am unaware of the existence of the monument depicted in The Veld, July 1903. The only monument for the Imperial Yeomanry who died in that battle that I am aware of in Klerksdorp is the one in the British Military Cemetery, forming part of the Klerksdorp and Makweteng Old Cemetery Complex (declared a Provincial Heritage Site in 2016). Since the vast majority, if not all, of those Imperial Yeomanry casualties are buried in this cemetery, a memorial for them was erected here.

(Submitted by Lila Komnick, May 2018)