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Perry's Stores
Benoni, Gauteng

VON BERG, Wilfrid Clement

Type:Department Store
Style:Modern Movement

Cumming-George 1934

This building was constructed in the year 1933 upon the foundations of the original single-storey structure, providing a spacious and dignified showroom on the first floor, and including the re-modelling of the ground floor premises, resulting in a vastly improved appearance, better presentation of goods, and freer circulation for the public.

The improvements included the first electric passenger lift to be installed in Benoni, a sprinkler system, and a complete equipment of shop fittings designed on the most modern and up-to-date lines.

Externally the building presents an outstanding example of modern architecture.

The simplicity of outline, the suppression of superfluous ornament and the restrained treatment of its various motifs, all combine to produce a dignified and harmonious exterior.

Whole of Interior Fittings: F. Sage & Co. (S.A.) Ltd.
Steelwork: Union Construction Co. (Pty.} Ltd.
Glazing: Herbert Evans & Co.
Marble to Shop fronts supplied and fixed: Central Agencies & Import Co. (Pty.) Ltd.
Photo: H. Stansfield.

(FRIBA nom papers 1934)

Writings about this building

Cumming-George, L. 1934. Architecture in South Africa - Volume Two. Cape Town: The Speciality Press of S.A. Ltd.. pg 65 ill

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