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O Leão que Ri - Smiling Lion
Maputo, Mozambique

Amancio d’Alpoim Miranda (Pancho) GUEDES: Architect

Type:Flats with shops to street
Street:Av. Kwame N’Krumah


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25°57'45.97" S 32°35'26.77" E

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Guedes calls the style of this building STILOGUEDES which translated means 'GuedesStyle' but looses something in the translation.

[An insert in the catalogue of the exhibition "Pancho Guedes- a aventura da arquitectura, o desafio ao formalismo (the adventure of architecture, the challenge to formalism)" held in the Portuguese consulate in Maputo in March 2010]

Cnr Avienda Kwame Nkrumah / Avienda Salvador Allende

Arguably Pancho Guedes's most notable building. This building has survived very well considering the long years of civil war and neglect. The shops and apartments appear to be all occupied. The surroundings and back alley are very dirty. The building façade walls are badly stained but the strong yellow colour still shows up well and the staining could be viewed as an additional layer of texture. The high level mural on the West façade is intact and so is the "smiling lion" on the North corner. The lion is an un-notable small concrete casting with a smile hence the name of the building.

[Mike BELL, October 2010]

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