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Salem Chapel - Old Stone Church
Salem, Eastern Cape


The Rev William Shaw accompanied Sephton's party of 1820 Settlers as their chaplain. At first his company worshipped in a repaired Boer farmhouse, but before long a simple church was built of mud blocks and thatch. Building operations were carried out by the Settlers themselves under the supervision of the carpenter Richard Gush.

In 1832 a new church was built of stone, rectangular in plan, somewhat resembling a house. It had a central entrance and windows on either side with neat stonework voussoirs, contrasting with the rough, random rubble of the walls. The original thatched roof has been replaced with corrugated iron, but the building retains much of its rustic charm, standing in a churchyard enclosed by a stone wall.

Proclaimed: 1981 05 22

(Picton-Seymour, 1989:115)

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