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Mpumalanga Parks Board – Plant and Fish Production
Mashishing (Lydenburg), Mpumalanga

Type:Research Institute
Street:Voortrekker Street

In Lydenburg trout fishing started in 1910 with Mr. Harvey who brought 1 000 little trout fish by train from Potchefstroom. Half of them were released in the Sterkspruit and the other 500 in the Dorpspruit. Two years later a caught of 3 pounds by Mr. H.L. Gurr then postmaster, raised his interest and he decided to order more eggs which were put into the rivers surrounding his home, but with little success.

He also donated 200 little fish to Mr. CI. Rabie who released them in the Potspruit. Seven years later, the Potspruit was swarming with trout.

Gurr was transferred and F.C Braun (a watchmaker) carried on his interest. In 1922 he received 2 000 trout ova from Jonkershoek of which he hatched 587 fish and released them in the Sterkspruit, Marambane River and Santa. Braun's success raised public interest and he received financial assistance to start the "Lydenburg Trout Protection and Angling Society" in 1923.

Eventually the number of trout anglers visiting Lydenburg increased, and Braun rook it upon him to protect the trout and ordered eggs and stocked the rivers with fingerlings, traveling vast distances to do so, sometimes on foot or on bicycle.

In his 15 years devoted to this case he handled more than 600 000 eggs.

In 1944 the Provincial Administration realized the asset of trout angling for the Province and in 1947 a special division for Fisheries was established. When a space was needed to start a fish production and Research centre Lydenburg offered the Province 46 morgen for this purpose.

Today the mission of the Lydenburg Production Centre is still to develop, implement and operate a range of intensive production systems, open to the, public, to ensure the long term, sustainable use of natural production, to the benefit of conservation and to the people of the Province.

The Mpumalanga Parks Board fish and Plant Production (entre, comprises 56 hectares of botanical gardens, a fish hatchery and aquarium with shaded picnic area (hours 08:00 - 16:00 daily).

[Information supplied by the Lydenburg Museum]

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