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Please note the difference between a general match and an exact match:

A general match will match all the words in your criteria individually, if your criteria is "Public Works Department" among the results will be "... in the public domain...", "...often finds that it works better than..." and " was in the department of...".

An exact match will only produce exact results like "...was done by the Public Works Department in 19...".

Neither of these searches are case sensitive.

Limits to this search:
In order not to put too much of a strain on the database there is a restriction in searching for three letter words. If your criteria in the general match is "Dix" you will not get a result. If you want to search for "Dix" you must use the exact match option, unfortunately along with the result " was when Dix was working in..." you will also get " will be found in the appendix of the...".

Helpful hint:
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