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OLIVE, William Thomas

Born: 1852
Died: 1935


Olive was born in Cheltenham, England where he completed his schooling. In 1868, he went through the prescribed course for, and obtained, the certificate of proficiency in engineering science at Glasgow University [Scotland]. Olive served a regular pupilage to Messrs. Bell and Miller. On leaving, he entered the service of J.F. Blair and then with Messrs. R. Young and Son, Forth and Clyde Railway. In 1874–1875, Olive was engaged with J. Carrick, master of works, Glasgow. In 1875, he went to Canada, as the secretary and assistant to a board of engineers appointed to examine and report on the Improvement of Montreal Harbour and the River St. Lawrence. In 1878, Olive was selected for the leading assistantship in the engineering department to J.G. Lynde, city surveyor, Manchester. In February 1889, he went to Rosario, Argentina, as deputy resident engineer on main drainage works. In October 1889, Olive became resident engineer of the Manchester. In 1895, he was appointed city engineer of Cape Town, which position he resigned in 1896. After this, Olive set up a private consultancy. He died in Port Elizabeth where his son was harbour engineer. (Mäki 2013:173)

(Submitted by Paul VAN DER MERWE)

(Juta's dir CT 1899)

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