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ORANJE, Pieter



Emigrated to the ZAR from the Netherlands. Draughtsman in the DPW of the ZAR, probably immigrated to work for the NZASM. He became a naturalised citizen of the ZAR on 02 February 1900 (Pama, 1983: 159). He must have sworn allegiance to the British Crown for he was not deported and on 01 September 1903 he was appointed as draughtsman in Barberton with a married allowance of 15%. He is recorded as a good draughtsman, working on roads, qualified in the building industry and working for the Royal Engineers (MINNAAR, 2000: 125).

In a letter dated 19 November 1985 from Miss C Hogewind, curator of the Barberton Museum, to Mr PC Nicholson thanking him for the donation to the museum of a photograph of the town and replying to his enquiry about his Grandfather Mr Piet Oranje, she writes 'On pg. 21 of the book HISTORY OF BARBERTON HOSPITAL 1884 - 1984 the following quotation can be found:'

"By 1889 there was a serious shortage in hospital beds, to such an extent that patients were nursed in hotels and private homes. The reason for this was that the fever had assumed serious proportions, and that the construction of the Delagoa Bay railway line would increase the demand for hospitalisation. By then the Hospital Management had decided to enlarge the hospital and £500 had already been collected.

The State Secretary was approached for £3 000 to enlarge the hospital. Recommendations for the extension of the existing hospital were made. Mr. Piet Oranje was the architect. The recommendations entailed the extension of the kitchen, the breaking out of windows and doors, the bricking up of some windows and doors. The Barberton Herald of 6 May 1890 reports that the budget for the ward and equipment amounted to £880.

The amount of £94.15.3 was collected with the production of "Trial by Jury" by amateur actors. Donations amounted to £90.14.0 and the rest was supplemented from revenue by selling the old "cottage" hospital buildings ."

He was a Freemason. In a letter from Mr PC Nicholson to Miss C Hogewind dated 4th February 1986 he writes:

'I have pleasure in donating the undermentioned enclosed documents to the Barberton Museum, all of which relate to late grandfather, Pieter Oranje :'

  1. A Certificate accepting him as a member of the Lodge dated the 16th December 1891.
  2. Appointing him as Keeper of the Seal on the 24th day of June 1892.
  3. A Certificate that he was elected and installed as J W on the 24th June 1894.
  4. A Certificate regarding his election and installation as S W in 1895.
  5. A Certificate regarding his election and installation as W M (?) Worshipful! Master?) on an undisclosed date in 1897.

All truncated references not fully cited in 'References' are those of Joanna Walker's original text and cited in full in the 'Bibliography' entry of the Lexicon.

Books citing ORANJE

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