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ATMORE, William

Born: 1814

Engineer / Surveyor

William Atmore was born in Norfolk and arrived in the Cape in 1844. The previous decade had seen the start of the great period of railway construction in England and it is quite possible that he had been trained as a engineer/surveyor on such projects.

In Cape Town he was employed as an assistant engineer in CC MICHELL's department.

In 1845 he was sent off to Swellendam to reconnoitre the site for the Road Bridge over the Buffeljags River - 'Sugar Bridge'.

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Road Bridge over the Buffeljags River - 'Sugar Bridge': 1845-1852. Swellendam, Western Cape - Engineer

Books citing ATMORE

Murray, Tony. 2015. Megastructures and masterminds : great feats of civil engineering in southern Africa. Cape Town: Tafelberg. pp 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 307