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LEFEBVRE, Denis/Denys

Born: fl. 1926
Died: 1934


A journalist, art critic and poet who contributed regularly to the South African Architectural Record, Lefebvre was not an architect but his name occurs with frequency in the SAAR of which he was joint acting editor with RD MARTIENSSEN between 1926 and 1934 (SAAR Jan 1933:4). Lefebvre provides valuable contemporary comment of the emergent South African art of the 1920s and 1930s in his reviews, amongst other, of the South African Academy [of Arts] exhibitions.

Publ: JH Pierneef, SAAR Jun 1926:38-39; Anton van Wouw, SAAR Sep 1926:63-4; WM Timlin, SAAR Dec 1926:99; The eighth South African Academy, SAAR Jun 1927:38-39; George Ness, SAAR Jun 1927:42-43 with FLH FLEMING; George Ness: the man and his work, SAAR Dec 1927:86-87; The ninth Academy, SAAR Jun 1928: 37-9; Some critical impressions, SAAR Jun 1930:60-62; Stray thoughts on art, SAAR Sep 1930:94; Picture sales and picture galleries - overseas and South African artists, SAAR Dec 1930:119-121; Twelfth South African Academy, SAAR Nov 1931:13-16; Art education in South Africa - some hints from the United States, SAAR Jun 1931:52-54; The Frank Brangwyn etchings - our art gallery's latest acquisition, SAAR Sep 1931:91-2; The South African Institute of Art exhibition - some post impressions and a moral, SAAR Dec 1931:113, 116-117; The Pierneef panels, SAAR Feb 1932:37-38; The railway poster exhibition, SAAR Mar 1932:58-59; The thirteenth South African Academy, SAAR May 1932:118-20; Impressions of South African artists J Charles Sachse, SAAR Jul 1932:184-85; Impressions of South African artists, SAAR Aug 1932: 205-7; South African pictures and painters in 1932, SAAR Dec 1932:319-320; Quip - the artist, SAAR Feb 1933:38-39; The South African Academy, SAAR Jun 1933:146-48; Two exhibitions: Pierneef, Harry Fidler, SAAR Jun 1933:148; A critic's reminiscence, SAAR Jul 1933:178; The art of Moses Kottler, SAAR Aug 1933:194-46; Sydney Carter and his art, SAAR Oct 1933:248-49; Allerley Glossop, SAAR Nov 1933:278-9; South African Students exhibition, SAAR Dec 1933:302-03; Alfred R Martin, painter, sculptor and craftsman, SAAR Aug 1934: 208-10.

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