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O'BRIEN, Arthur T - Architect
O'CONNELL, ? - Architect
O'CONNOR, GL - Architect
O'MAHONY, Chereen - Interior
O'NEILL, John - Architect
OBEL, Louis Theodore - Architect
OBEL, Mark - Architect
OBERHOLZER, Bernard - Landscape Architect
OBERMEYER, Charles Ferdinand - Architect
ODENDAAL, PJ - Architect
OELOFSEN, RA - Architect
OERDER, Jacobus Hendrikus - Architect
OGILVIE, William Farquhar - Architect
OHLSSON, Rae Fuller - Architect
OHMS, N - Architect
OKPANUM, I - Architect
OLCKERS, Abraham Lodewyk - Architect
OLDFIELD, ? - Architect
OLDFIELD, D - Architect
OLDFIELD, Peter - Architect
OLDREIVE, Noel - Architect
OL√čN, Johann Ivor - Architect
OLIVE, William Thomas - Engineer
OLIVIER, Henry - Engineer
OLIVIER, J - Architect
OLIVIER, Jako - Architect
OLIVIER, Mario - Architect
OLLEY, AH - Architect
OLLEY, Christopher Joseph - Architect
OLWAGE, JA - Architect
OMAN, William Campbell - Architect
OOSTERBROEK, H - Architect
OOSTHUIZEN, A - Architect
OOSTHUIZEN, AD - Architect
OOSTHUIZEN, Bartel Wilhelm - Architect
OOSTHUIZEN, FW - Architect
OOSTHUIZEN, JP - Architect
OOSTHUIZEN, Pieter - Architect
OOSTHUIZEN, Robert James - Architect
OOSTHUIZEN, WJ - Architect
OPPENHEIM, Richard - Architect
OPPERMAN, U - Architect
ORANJE, Pieter - Architect
ORDBROWN, Joyce - Artist
ORELOWITZ, Anthony Paul A - Architect
ORENEN, Jan Arend - Architect
ORME, Brian - Architect
ORPEN, John Joseph Overton - Architect
ORPEN, Terence Francis Moriarty - Architect
ORR, RC - Contractor
ORSMOND, A - Architect
ORSMOND, Daniela - Architect
ORSMOND, N - Architect
ORSMOND, O - Architect
ORTNER, de Villiers - Architect
ORTNER, Ischia - Architect
ORTNER, TR - Architect
ORTON, Jacques - Architect
OSBORN, Edward - Architect
OSBOURN, Edward - Architect
OSLER, GC - Architect
OSMAN, Amira - Architect
OSMOND, William Prescott - Architect
OSSHER, DN - Architect
OTTEN, Kate - Architect
OWEN, Evan Hugh - Architect
OWEN EATON, Francis - Architect
OWENS, Alaric Basil - Architect
OXENER, Jan Arend - Architect
OXLEY, OJP - Fine Arts Professor
OXLEY, Wilfred Benjamin - Architect