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Appelsbosch Mission Hospital Chapel
Dalton district, KwaZulu-Natal

Michael Gagashe ZONDI: Designer


"He [Michael Zondi] had become involved in a major project to build a chapel for the mission hospital at Appelsbosch, where Dr Wolfgang Bodenstein (1924 - 84), who had already met Zondi and started acquiring his work, was medical superintendent. Their fruitful relationship was to last for many years and led to the sculptor's introduction to many others in Bodenstein's profession. Zondi had begun designs for Appelsbosch in 1961 while still teaching, but now worked full-time on building the chapel and making all its furnishings, such as the simple pews, the font, and an impressive life-size crucifix in blackwood.

When this task was completed, Zondi stayed on as manager and building supervisor at Appelsbosch until the end of 1964 and subsequently undertook many building projects for missions in the area. In 1967 he was persuaded to become an officer for the Department of Information based in Durban, in which capacity he promoted many development schemes amongst the Zulus of Natal until 1972, ranging across such diverse fields as building, agriculture, sports, and arts and crafts. (...) When he gave up his position at the Department of Information in 1972, he did so to become a full-time artist."

(Werth et all 1993:133-134) Submitted by Lila Komnick.

Books that reference Appelsbosch Mission Hospital Chapel

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