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Meiringspoort (also Meiring's Poort)
De Rust district, Western Cape

Thomas Charles John BAIN: Engineer
Adam G DE SMIDT: Contractor
Client:South African Roads
Type:Mountain Pass


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33°24'17.14" S 22°33'40.30" E Alt: 690m

The route was surveyed at various stages by a Mr Woodifield, Adam DE SMIDT, Andrew BAIN, and later Thomas Bain. Initial work was done by Thomas J Mellville, Sub-Inspector of Roads in the George District with a labour-force of 93 hired labourers, but replaced by Adam de SMIDT as supervisor under general control of Thomas BAIN. Here Bain invented the rock-splitting technique of creating bonfires over impeding rocks then shattering the heated rocks with buckets of cold water. This traversable cutting gave direct link to the Great Karroo and its produce, the wool clip, to the outside world.

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