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Queen's Hotel
Kimberley, Northern Cape

Date:1881 : 1882


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28°44'22.32" S 24°45'46.39" E Alt: 1237m

The Queen's Hotel in Stockdale Street was a fancy meeting place in its day. For many years it was the most attractive hotel in Kimberley. The hotel was started by Mr. James and Mrs. Catherine Jardine who first had the Royal Arch Hotel in Pniel. The Queen's Hotel was built in 1881 and initially consisted of just the left wing with beautiful gables. The hotel was taken over by the Queen's Hotel Company in 1882 and a second wing added with a facade that exactly matched the original.

Mrs. Jardine managed the hotel for many years and was known for her hospitality. Someone that knew her well said: "When Catherine Jardine came to Kimberly she was a byword for kindness and sympathy. Men turned to her for help and light as to the sun. She was austere in her way and yet could weep when a sad tale was told to her and was ever ready with advice and what help she could give."

The Queen's Hotel was the place for stately and formal occasions. The hotel still exists but the gables are hidden behind a modern facade.

(Translated from the archives of the Volksblad which was submitted by Paul VAN DER MERWE, accessed 2015 11 14)

Judging by the image on Google Earth (2015 11 12) very little of the above still applies.

Books that reference Queen's Hotel

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