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Anenous Pass
Steinkopf district, Northern Cape

Date:1869-1876 ; 1950-1953 ; 1976
Type:Mountain Pass
Style:Civil Engineering

The pass originated as a narrow gauge rail line to move copper ore between Okiep-Concordia and the harbour in Port Nolloth. Richard T Hall was the responsible agent for its construction. It was closed in 1941.

In 1950 the pass was re-surveyed and found to be suitable for a road constructed to Port Nolloth. Sixteen kilometers of road was constructed of which five kilometers was the pass proper. Graham Ross was the responsible Civil Engineer with the 'padmaker' John Williamson. PO Sauer, then Minister of Lands, did the official opening on 1953 07 10.

In 1979 the pass was upgraded and tarred, involving a widening of the road. Jaffres and Green were the design engineers and the construction done by Savage and Lovemore.

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