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Wemmershoek Dam
Franschhoek district, Western Cape



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33°49'59.47" S 19°04'57.45" E Alt: 290m

This dam is located on the Wemmershoek River in the Western Cape Province. It is an earth-fill type dam with pitched rock (rip-rap) protection to both the upstream and downstream slopes, lateral spillways controlled by three radial gates and chute discharge to the river below. It has a detached intake/ outlet tower located upstream of the dam wall. The dam is part of a treatment plant served by fifty kilometer pre-stressed concrete pipeline, a service reservoir and subsidiary pipelines. It has a capacity of 58 644 000 m3 behind a 55 m wall at maximum height above foundation level. The dam serves mainly for municipal and industrial use as part of the Western Cape Water Supply System which supplies the city of Cape Town and surrounding areas.

Additional structures:
Wemmershoek Dam Administration Building and Purification Plant
Wemmershoek Dam Hoist Gallery
Wemmershoek Dam Inflow-outflow Control Station

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