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St Mary's Anglican Church
Pilgrim's Rest, Mpumalanga

Type:Anglican Church


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24°54'40.03" S 30°45'32.59" E

The first Anglican Church building in Pilgrim's Rest was a wattle and daub structure with Reverend Cawkhill Barker as the first Anglican minister on the Goldfields.

The present building was built in 1884 by Reverend Frank Dowling and some volunteers of the congregation. This stone church was built free of debt and they furnished it with a decent altar and fittings, a good American organ and homemade benches. In 1891 a terrible storm hit Pilgrim's Rest from the east. For two days the rain beat on the eastern gable of the church, which was composed of sun dried bricks. These sun dried bricks melted away during the storm and fell over the altar, ruining everything, including the stained-glass window. After the storm the church was repaired with corrugated iron replacing the sun dried brick gables. In 1991 the Church Building was restored to its original glory and a replica of the original stained-glass window, ruined in the storm a hundred years earlier, was placed in the eastern gable.

(Rene Reinders. 2016:Item 7. Submitted by Annelise Lange)

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