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Garcia Pass and Toll-house
Riversdale district, Western Cape

Date:1872-1877; 1958-1963
Type:Mountain Pass


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33°57'18.24" S 21°13'32.94" E Alt: 748m

A pass linking Riversdale, where Maurice Garcia, for whom the pass is named was local magistrate, through the Langeberg to Ladismith, following the Goukou River, constructed a bridle path with convict labour in the 1860s.

Tradouw Pass in 1872.

The old toll-house, situated within the Kristalkloof Forest Reserve, is still in a very good state of preservation and stands, as it were, on an island between the old road passing in front of it and the new road passing behind it.

The old Toll House was rebuilt in 1910 on the foundations of an earlier toll house and is a remnant of a system that played an important part in the history of transportation in South Africa.

(Wikipedia, accessed 2018 02 09. Submitted by Lila Komnick)

SAHRIS Provincial Heritage Site.

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