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White House Hotel / Strand Apartments
Cape Town, Western Cape

John PARKER: Architect 1891, 1893
George RANSOME: Architect 1900
Frederick (Fred) CHERRY: Architect 1911 upgrades
William Hood GRANT: Architect 1927

Date:n.d.: 1891: 1893 : 1900 : 1911 : 1927
Client:P Haylett
Street:Strand/Long Sts

PARKER added several water-closets and bathrooms in 1891, and revised the internal layout plus added a new first-floor balcony in 1893. In 1900 Ransome added further bedrooms and converted a ground-floor drawing room into a shop. In 1911 Cherry improved the bathrooms by increasing the hot water supply (Walker 2015: 7).

1927: Proposals for addition of 3 storeys by WH GRANT (recorded as not built) (Pryce-Lewis list 15 289).

(PSB:8; SAB Sep 1927:49)

Rennie inspected the building in April 1978, and noted the “recently removed 2-storey cast-iron veranda - the pole bases survive on Long Street.”

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