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CW Champion Building
Bloemfontein, Free State

William Henry STUCKE: Architect

Style:Streamline Moderne
Street:Market Square

Cumming-George 1933

THE scheme illustrated is the re-building of a departmental store and of one wing of the Bloemfontein Hotel adjoining, giving a frontage to Maitland Street of over 200 feet. In order not to destroy the tout ensemble, it was necessary to bridge over a cross street, and this is the first instance, as far as known, where air rights in South Africa have been granted over a public thoroughfare.

The building has been treated in a simple straightforward manner, and all extraneous detail has been omitted. The shop fronts are planned on the arcade principle, thus giving an ample amount of display area. These fronts are in bronze of simple lines. This simple and restful manner has been predominant in the treatment of the interior as being most suitable as the background for display purposes.

The detail has a modern tone, though anything in the nature of " ultra modern " has been studiously avoided.

THIS SHOP FRONT [see photograph] is in drawn bronze metal internally glazed. Stallrisers in polished black marble with bronze grilles.

Pier linings and surround on the main facade, and up to the bronze transonic rail in the lobbies, is Roman Stone; and above plastered.

Glazing above the transome rail on the main frontage is in Grave glass with horizontal bronze bars. Lobby floor is laid in 18 inch alternate squares of marble blue and buff composition.

No border is fixed between the lobby arcade and the entrance doors, the idea being not to create a barrier between the arcade and the shop.

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