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Title:Dictionary of South African Biography Volume III
Publisher:Tafelberg for The Human Sciences Research Council

[Kr├╝ger, DW; Beyers, CJ]

Chapters/Entries in this book

Alexander, Sir James Edward

Augustus, DS15
Alexander, Sir James Edward

Augustus, DJ15
Barnes, John Frederick Evelyn

Leverton, BJT49
Durnford, Anthony William

Leverton, BJT249
Hawke, William

Wendland, W381
Leith, George Esselmont Gordon

Howie, WD506
Martienssen, Rex Distin

Kossick, SG584
Masey, Francis Edward

Wendland, W586
Mayer, Ernst Karl Erich

Nilant, FGE589
Moerdijk, Gerard Leendert Pieter

Roodt, Leon622
Pacalt, Carl August

Heese, JA671
Paterson, Peter

Leverton, BJT677
Seeliger, Johann Carl Ernst

Wenland, W736
Snape, Alfred Ernest

Leslie, R744
Spicer, Harold Wolseley

Howie, WD750
Van Kretschmar van Veen, Jonkheer Jacob Adriaan

Ploeger, J810
Wierda, Sytze Wopke(s)

Du Toit Spies, FJ842

People or firms linked to this book

ALEXANDER, James Edward . pp 15
BARNES, John Frederick Evelyn. pp 49
DURNFORD, Anthony William, (Lt.-Col). pp 249-250
HAWKE, William. pp 380-381
LEITH, George Esslemont Gordon. pp 506-507
MARTIENSSEN, Rex Distin. pp 584-585
MASEY, Francis Edward. pp 586-587
MAYER, Ernst Karl Erich. pp 589-590
MOERDYK, Gerard Leendert Pieter. pp 622-624
PACALT, Carl August. pp 671
PATERSON, Peter. pp 677
SEELIGER, Johann Carl Ernest. pp 736-737
SNAPE, Alfred Ernest. pp 744-745
SPICER, Harold Wolseley. pp 750-751
VAN KRETSCHMAR VAN VEEN, Jacob Adriaan. pp 810-811
WIERDA, Sytze Wopkes. pp 842-843