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Author:SAWW & Gibson, PJ (Managing Editor) (Ed)
Title:Who's Who of southern Africa 1965
Publisher:Combined Publishers

Including Mauritius and incorporating South Africa's Who's Who and the Central African Who's Who.

People or firms linked to this book

ANDERSON, Deane. pp 105
ANDREWS, Guy Hamilton. pp 108
BARNETT, Jack Judah. pp 125
BARTHOLOMEW, Benjamin Vincent. pp 127
BATTISS, Walter Whall. pp 128
BONNICI, Paul Wilfrid. pp 161
DAVENPORT, Marjorie Ceridwen. pp 248
EATON, Francis Owen. pp 281
EATON, Norman Musgrave. pp 281
FASSLER, John. pp 301
FINKELSTEIN, Nathan Isaac. pp 307
GARDINER, Kenneth Edward Frederick. pp 335
GOW, Keith Ewart. pp 358
HURTER, Leon Gericke. pp 929
HUSSEY, Geoffrey Mark. pp 439
KENT, Henry Alfred Parkes. pp 471
LE ROITH, Harold Hersch (Harry). pp 511
LUPINI, Luigi (Gigi). pp 529
MARKOVITZ, Marke Ellie. pp 561
MARSTON, Harry John (Jack). pp 565
MAXWELL, Gordon Douglas Dunlop. pp 571
McWILLIAMS, Herbert Hastings. pp 547
PITT, Aubrey Arthur. pp 650
RINALDI, Raymond Clement. pp 685
RITCHIE, Duthie. pp 687
SIMPSON, Bernard Arthur. pp 735
SIMPSON, Jack Stanley. pp 736 & ill.
STAUCH, Hellmut Wilhem Ernst. pp 753
TODD, Cyril Erik. pp 798
VAN JAARSVELD, Stephanus Rudolf (Fanie). pp 821
VOS, Eric Francis. pp 840
WALE, Laurence Sydney . pp 845