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Author:Morgan, Ann Lee & Naylor, Colin (Editors)
Year:1987 [1980]
Edition:Second Edition
Title:Contemporary Architects
Place:Chicago and London
Publisher:St. James Press

Thomas Hall Beeby, Jorge Czajkowski
Vittorio Gregotti, Anthony Jackson
William H. Jordy, Udo Kultermann
David Mackay, Esther McCoy
Wolfgang Pehnt, Mildred F. Schmertz
Harry Seidler, Arieh Sharon
Pierre Vago, Hiroshi Watanabe
Arnold Whittick
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Chapters/Entries in this book


Elliott, Julian0
AHRENDS, Steffen

Greig, Doreen11
DREW, Jane Beverley

Whittick, Arnold244
EATON, Norman

Harrop-Allin, Clinton253
ELLIOTT, Julian Arnold

Hallen, Hans264
FOX, Revel Albert Ellis

Lewcock, Ronald291
GUEDES, Amancio d'Alpoim Miranda (''Pancho'')

Ostler, Timothy362
HALLEN, Hans Heyerdahl

Bierman, BE374
HANSON, Norman Leonard

Herbert, Gilbert380
MEYER, Wilhelm Olaf

Hallen, Hans598

Greig, Doreen782

Elliot, Julian928
van WIJK, Jan

Hallen, Hans942

People or firms linked to this book

AHRENDS, Steffen. pp 11-12
DREW, Jane. pp 244-245
EATON, Norman Musgrave. pp 253-254
ELLIOTT, Julian Arnold. pp 264-265, 1034
FOX, Revel. pp 291-294
GREIG, Doreen Edith. pp 1035
GUEDES, Amancio d’Alpoim Miranda (Pancho). pp 362-365
HALLEN, Hans Heyerdahl. pp 374-376, 1035
HANSON, Norman Leonard. pp 380-382
HERBERT, Gilbert. pp 1035
LEWCOCK, Ronald Bentley. pp 1036
MEYER, Wilhelm Olaf. pp 598-600
SANDROCK, Brian Alan T. pp 782-783
UYTENBOGAARDT, Roelof Sarel. pp 928-930
VAN WIJK, Johan Carel (Jan). pp 942-944