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Author:Agricultural and related services
Title:Handbook for farmers in South Africa (Volume 1 of 3)
Publisher:Government Printers

Published to meet the needs of remotely located farmers not having direct or immediate access to the Department's expertise of field workers.
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Chapters/Entries in this book

A. Farm Structures. Brick making on the Farm

Cleghorne, JW368
A. Farm Structures. A Farm-Made Pugmill for Brickmaking

Cleghorne, JW380
A. Farm Structures. Making Concrete Bricks

Matthee, JFlaG & Van Graan, PWC384
A. Farm Structures. Building Construction: Useful Hints for the Farmer

Matthee, JFlaG & Van Graan, PWC386
A. Farm Structures. Farm Sheds and Workshops

Bruwer, JJ395
A. Farm Structures. Cow Stables, Dairies and Cold-storage Rooms

Bruwer, JJ404
A. Farm Structures. Shipyards on the Farm

Labuschagne, FJ412
A. Farm Structures. The Shearing Shed

Labuschagne, FJ416
A. Farm Structures. Pigties

Matthee, JFlaG & Van Graan, PWC420
A. Farm Structures. Silos

Aab, HR426
A. Farm Structures. Hay Sheds

Cleghorne, JW436
A. Farm Structures. Dipping Installations

Division of Veterinary Services and the Division of Soil Conservation and Extension (Compilers)442
A. Farm Structures. Tobacco Curing Sheds

Pretorius, JA and the Division of Soil Conservation and Extension448

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GABRIELS, Emanuel G. pp 123