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Author:Andrag, Bettina (Editor)
Title:Capetown Stadium
Place:Cape Town

Editorial team: Bettina Andrag, Henri COMRIE, Khalied Jacobs, Gabs Pather, Henning RASMUSS, Ken Webster.
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Chapters/Entries in this book

Foreword : Many hands

Jacobs. Khalied6

Plato, Dan9
Build-up - Beyond the Village

Platzky, Laurina13
Build-up - Talking head : Interview

Cronje, Pieter22
Build-up - Navigator : Interview

Marsden, Mike26
Build-up - Paterfamilias : Interview

Mitchell, Bev30
Urban fit- Urban design : Beyond the object

Comrie, Henri & Jacobs, Khalied34
Urban fit - A brief history of the Green Point Common

Urban fit - Reconstructing the Green Point Common

Van Papendorf, Johan & Pryce-Lewis, Darryl54
Concept : The Cape Town diva : Drama, dignity and delight

Slessor, Catherine54
Concept :Prophets : Interview

Hornes, Robert82
Concept - Capacitors : Interview

Pather, Gabs84
Concept - Backbone : Interview

Karol, Louis86
Concept - Key facts

Craft - Massaging People : Interview

Lambrechts, André96
Craft - Massaging People : Interview

Twine, Allan & Naidoo, Sigi98
Craft - Facing decisions : Interview

Hugo, Dave102
Craft - Team Captain : Interview

Fanton, Andrew104
Craft - Calm the storm : Interview

Gamble, Ray108
Craft - Between the lines : Interview

Webster, Ken112
Craft - Docking station

Pather, Gabs114
Craft - Feet in the ground : Interview

Richardson, Brian116
Craft -Theatre of Sport : Stadium architects joint venture

Craft - Making it stand up : Interview

Fagan, Henry & Collins, Margaret122
Craft - Making it stand up : Interview

Sabol, Marian & Bastiaanse, Gerrit126
Craft - In defence of a beautiful skin

Kriger, Leon F130
Craft - Putting a lid on it

Rasmuss, Henning & Helfenstein, Carolyn134
Craft - Crushed bicycle wheel : Interview

Moscher, Thomas142
Craft - Skywalkers : Interview

Schl?gl, Christiaan144
Craft - Showing the way

Comrie, Amalie148
Craft - The perfect pitch: Interview

Mathieson, Richard150
Craft - Switching it on : Interview

Smit, Richard & Homann, Brian154
Craft - Making it glow : Interview

Forster, Dennis158
Craft - Central nervous system : Interview

Behrmann, Mark164
Craft - Getting in and out : Interview

Stander, Hein166
Craft - Reviewing the numbers : Interview

Sutherland, Ian170
Legacy - Contradictions and conflicts : Panel discusssion

Dewar, David, Kruger, Martin, Louw, Piet & Todeschini, Fabio177
Legacy - Running it : Interview

Du Plessis, Morné & Chetty, Purshoth182
Legacy - Spectacular stadium structures in South Africa surprise the world

Hollenstein, Roman184

Buildings linked to this book

Cape Town Stadium, 2009, Cape Town, Western Cape. pp All