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Author:SAWW & Ken Donaldson (Pty) Ltd (Eds)
Title:South African Who's Who 1958 : An illustrated biographical sketch book of South Africans with separate sections for the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, and South West Africa
Publisher:Ken Donaldson (Pty) Ltd

"Biography is the most universally pleasant, universally profitable, of all reading" - Carlyle [Quoted on p1]

People or firms linked to this book

BARNETT, Robert Alexander. pp 108
BATTISS, Walter Whall. pp 111
BLACK, Elwyn Leighton. pp 123
BOTHA, Louis Jacobus. pp 130
BURG, James Stadler, Jimmy. pp 146
COWIN, Douglas Maurice. pp 178
COWIN, John Norris. pp 178 (with photo)
DANEEL, Chrysostomos Savonarola. pp 189 (with photo)
DAVENPORT, Marjorie Ceridwen. pp 189
DRY, Thomas Jan. pp 49
EATON, Norman Musgrave. pp 220
EATON, Francis Owen. pp 219
FASSLER, John. pp 233
GALLAGHER, Norman William. pp 253
GARDINER, Kenneth Edward Frederick. pp 255
GOW, Keith Ewart. pp 267
HARRISON, Geoffrey Marchant. pp 289
HUSSEY, Geoffrey Mark. pp 319
INGBER, John Joseph. pp 322 (with photo)
KEMP, Frederik Albertyn. pp 343
LE ROITH, Harold Hersch (Harry). pp 371 (with photo)
LEITH, George Esslemont Gordon. pp 370
LODGE, Clement Scarr. pp 378
MacDONALD, William Archibald [Archy]. pp 385
MARTIN, Anderson Rodger. pp 408
MASEY, Frederick William. pp 410
MAXWELL, Gordon Douglas Dunlop. pp 412
McWILLIAMS, Herbert Hastings. pp 398
MEYER, William Johann Chapman. pp 675
MOERDYK, Gerard Leendert Pieter. pp 421 (with photo)
PAYNE, Wilfrid Stonehouse. pp 467
PEARSE, Geoffrey Eastcott. pp 468 (with photo)
RINALDI, Raymond Clement. pp 500 (with photo)
STAUCH, Hellmut Wilhem Ernst. pp 554 (with photo)
TODD, Cyril Erik. pp 586 (with photo)
VAN ZANTEN, Jacobus Henri. pp 682 (with photo)
VON BERG, Wilfred Clement. pp 616
WATSON, Henry Arthur Ingress. pp 627 (with photo)