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Eclectic ZA Wilhelmiens : A shared Dutch built heritage in South Africa

Chapter 03 page 48

Author:Louw, Mike
Title:Style and structure

Louw has always had interest in the legacy of South African architecture, and in particular its technologies. This has drawn him to the oeuvre of De Witt in his newfound home of Cape Town, and alerted him to his pioneering innovation and as a stylistic chameleon. De Witt is one of few of a first wave of Dutch immigrants to the ZAR after the First Anglo-Boer War (1879-1881), which makes him an exception to the others of these historical reviews, hence unique. Many examples of his work remain, some in near-original appearance, others in newer guise. He reflects on the career and legacy of De Witt, particularly in the Cape context.

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St Peter the Fisherman, 1895, Hout Bay, Western Cape. pp 59