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Norman Eaton Medal


The Norman Eaton Medal was established by the Pretoria institute for Architecture to honor an architect or architectural practice in recognition of a significant body of work of lasting influence on the theory and practice of architecture within the Pretoria region.

NORMAN EATON’s concept of architecture was related to and based on his respect and love for humanity. It was also his respect for the immediate environment that led him to be a pioneer of effectively interpreting local influences into his modern architectural design. His work is born from and grounded in the soil of his canvas, Pretoria. His design shows a rare and remarkable consistency of quality and purpose. His body of work has left us with a lasting legacy, which continues to encourage and inspire. It is on this basis that he has been selected to represent this prestigious award.

The 1st - 2012 - PIA Norman Eaton Award has been bestowed on Aziz TAYOB.