Johannesburg, Gauteng


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List of references:

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List of structures:

10 shops for Mr Struppel: 1930.
105 Corlett Drive: 2013.
107 Ascot Rd: c1907. Judith's Paarl,
11 Alice Lane - Phase 2: 2014.
11 Diagonal Street: 1983. Central,
127 Dunkeld West: 1993. Dunkeld,
138 Jan Smuts Avenue: n.d.. Rosebank,
199 Oxford Park: 2016-2018.
2 semi-detached houses, for Mr Win: 1926. Doornfontein,
20 Anderson Street: 1973.
203 Oxford: 2020.
20th Century Cinema: 1939-1940.
22 Girton Rd: n.d.. Parktown,
23 Pietersen St for E Hamer: 1892.
23 Wellington Road - Exterior: 1986. Parktown,
24 Chatou Road: 1986. Melville,
25 Owl Street - Metalbox: n.d..
26 Ameshof Street: 1982. Braamfonrein,
3 Melrose Boulevard: 2007. Melrose Arch,
30 Baker Street: 2010-2012.
4 shops for Alpha props: 1931.
4 Stan Road: 2016.
4 Stan Road: 1991. Sandown,
41-43, Queen St: 1905.
43-47, Ascot Rd: 1905. Bertrams,
44-46, Gordon Rd: 1905.
5 houses for FL Kramer: 1895.
55 Marshall Street: 1992.
6 houses, for J Chanani: 1931. Mayfair,
6 Parks Boulevard: 2019.
85 Grayston: 2015.
90 Grayston Drive: 2014-2015.
95-7 Wolmarans St for W Dettelbach: 1893.
A and D Antiques: n.d.. Craighall Park,
ABC Chambers: pre-1940.
ABC Shoe Centre Building: 1950. Central,
ABI Corporate Headquarters: 1991.
ABSA Towers: n.d..
ABSA Towers North: 2000. Central,
ABSA Towers West: 2007-2013.
Academy House: n.d..
Adler Fielding Galleries: 1961.
Adoption Home, Children's Aid Soc: 1930.
AE Cowley, showrooms: 1935.
AECI Chemistry Research and Development Laboratories: n.d.. Modderfontein,
Aegis Building - First: 1893.
Aegis Building - Second: 1934-1936.
Africa House: 1935.
Africa House: 1939.
African Board of Executors Building: pre-1905 : 1934.
African City: 1954.
African City Prop Trust Building: c1896.
African Homes Trust and Insr Co Ltd Building: 1937.
African Methodist Episcopal Church: 1933. Alexandra,
Afrikaans Medium School: 1936. Mayfair West,
Afrikaans Medium School: 1931.
Aircraft Operating Co of Africa Building (Aircraft House): 1936. Selby,
Aiton Court: 1937 : 2012-2014. Hillbrow,
Alangra Investment Building: 1939.
Albany Court: 1933.
Albert Buildings, proposed: 1939. Braamfontein,
Alexander Theater: 1951.
Alexandra Arts Centre: n.d.. Alexandra Township,
Alexandra Beer Hall: c1940. Alexandra,
Alexandra Heritage Centre: 2008. Alexandra,
Alhambra Theatre: 1919-21. Doornfontein,
Alliance Building: 1931 : 1935-1936.
Alliance Building: 1893.
Alliance Investment Co Building: 1926.
Aloes The: 1911.
Alpheum House: 1930.
Alpine Court: 1935.
Alro Mansions: 1938.
Alro Mansions: 1935. Hospital Hill,
Ambassador Hotel: 1947. Braamfontein,
Ambassador's Building: 1934.
Amcor House: 1961. Central,
Amnercosa House, for Anglo-American: 1924.
Anchor Mansions: 1931.
Anglo American Building: 1937. Central,
Anglo American Corporation Head Offices: 1947. Central,
Anglo Austrian Building: 1896.
Anglo-Vaal Building (Hollard Place): 1935.
Anlar: pre 1946. Berea,
Anmercosa House: 1933. Marshalltown,
Annan House: 1935.
Annan House - Third: n.d..
Annper Heights: 1960. Berea,
Annuity House: 1959. Central,
Anstey's Building - First: 1907.
Anstey's Building - Second: 1911.
Anstey's Building - Third: 1935.
Apartheid Museum: 2001.
Apollo Cinema: 1930s. Doornfontein,
Arcade Building: 1889-1890. Central,
Arcade Buildings: 1928.
Arcadia: 1910.
Argus Publ Co: 1930.
Arop House: 1932 : 1935-1936.
Arts on Main: 1911 : 2009. Maboneng,
Arundel Court: 1934.
AS Joffe & Co Bldg: pre 1942.
Ashton House, add third storey: 1927.
Asphalte Co, Factory: 1936.
Aston Martin Showroom: 2005.
Astor Mansions: 1931.
Astra Cinema: 1930s. Orange Grove,
Athenaeum Club: 1903.
Atkinson House: 1938.
Atkinson-Oates Motors Ltd, car assembly works: 1934.
Atlantic Court: 1938.
Atlas Building: 1923.
Auckland Park Hotel: c1897.
Auto Radio: n.d..
Automobile Association Building: 1939.
Automobile Club: 1931. Killarney,
B and A Hart: 1930. Marshalls Township,
Balalaika Hotel: 1958. Sandown,
Baldwin Chambers: 1902.
Balfour Mansions: 1928.
Balgownie House: 1936.
Bandag Tyres: n.d.. Marlborough,
Bank Buildings: 1899.
Bank City: 1997.
Bank of Africa - First: 1888.
Bank of Africa - Second: 1897.
Bank of Lisbon: 1970.
Bank/shops: 1939. Rosebank,
Baptist Church: 1892.
Baptist Church: 1908. Troyville,
Barbican Building: 1929.
Barclays Bank: 1938. Fordsburg,
Barclays Bank: 1938.
Barclays Bank, alt, add: 1936. Central,
Barlow Building: 1954. Braamfontein,
Barloworld Head Office and Showroom: 2019. Isando,
Barlows (Hyster) Factory: 1965. Isando,
Barnato Buildings: 1890 : 1892. Central,
Barnato Park Girls' High School, assembly hall: 1932. Barnato Park,
Barnato Park High School for Girls: n.d..
Barnes Shoe Shop: 1897.
Barsdorf Bldg: 1895.
Bartolomeu Dias Cross - Original: 1488. William Cullen Library,
Bay Window House: 1985. Northcliff,
Bayers Agrochem Factory: 1961. Isando,
Beacon Royal: 1934. Yeoville,
Bear Lodge: 1906. Upper Houghton,
Beckett's Buildings, alterations: 1931.
Belfast warehouse: 1933.
Belfast Warehouse: pre-1912.
Belgravia Convent: 1935.
Bell House: 1920. Parktown,
Belmont Court: pre 1939.
Belvedere Flats for Hillman and Feldt: 1927.
Berea Fire Station: 1910. Berea,
Beresford House: 1925-1927 : 1934.
Beryl Court: 1937.
Bettelheim Bldgs, with PR COOKE: 1926.
Bettelheim Building: 1889.
Beverley Heights: c1951.
Bevern & Co Building: 1905-1906.
Bezuidenhout Farmhouse: 1863. Bezuidenhout Park, De Wetshof,
Bijou Bioscope - Grand Café Bioscope: 1910.
Biltong factory for Mr Cocotas: n.d.. Fordsburg,
Bioscope for A Poolos, add: 1930. Turfontein,
Black Roof: 1910. Westcliff,
Bldg: 1904.
Bldg: 1931.
Bldg for Mr Weinbrenn: 1926.
Bldg for W Denver: 1926.
Bloch and Co Warehouse: 1932.
Block flats/shops for N Effin: 1927.
Block for Stein and Mendelowitz: 1925.
Block of flats: 1936.
Block of flats for Clive Mansions Ltd: 1934.
Block of Flats, for D Hughes: 1933.
Block of flats, for Messrs Jossels Mansions: 1933. Killarney,
Block of maisonettes for I Ross: 1934. Yeoville,
Block, Marshall Sq: c1904.
Blood, Chancery and Ward's new building: 1897.
Bloom's Bldg: c1927.
BMW Lifestyle Pavilion: 1998.
Board of Executors Trust Bldg: 1928.
Bonaccord House: 1930.
Bosman Buildings: 1956.
Bosmont Mosque: n.d..
Bourkes's Buildings: pre-1906.
Braamfontein Railway Station: n.d.. Braamfontein,
Bradlows Building: 1925.
Brenthurst Clinic: 1959. Parktown,
Brenthurst Library: 1984.
Brenthurst Place: 1928.
Brick Factory: pre-1912. Auckland Park,
Brick Factory: pre-1912. Booysens,
Brickfields Social Housing Project: 2005. Newtown,
Bridgeman Memorial Hospital: 1928-1934. Brixton,
Brighton Court: 1934.
Brinkworth's Motor Showroom and Garage: 1937. Rosebank,
British Airways - Interior: n.d..
British and Foreign Bible Soc building: 1939.
British Pavilion: pre 1964. Milner Park Show Grounds,
Brixton Cemetery: 1910. Vrededorp,
Broadcast House: 1935.
Broadlands: 1947.
Broadway Hotel: 1938. Rosettenville,
Brooklyn House, Polonaise: 1928.
Bryanston House: 1960s. Bryanston,
Brynywen - House HC Hull: 1905. Parktown,
BT&M Factory for Barlows Caterpillar: 1960. Isando,
Buckingham Court: 1935.
Building: 1906. Regent's Park,
Building: 1936.
Building (proposed) for WB Pickles Ltd: 1923.
Building for Darrell Smith: 1895.
Building for DDA Investment Pty, stands 1875/1877: 1936.
Building for Detail Props: 1935.
Building for DP Roberts: 1925.
Building for Jhb Lands Dev Corp: 1934.
Building for L Hart: 1894.
Building for Medical Assn of SA, stand 2388: 1936. Hospital Hill,
Building for Messrs E and D Pty Ltd: 1935.
Building for Mrs N Callinicos, stand 269: 1939. Kensington South,
Building for N and H Phitidis: 1932.
Building for Progress Investment Co: 1928.
Building for S and Z Cohen: 1927.
Building for S Goldberg: 1937.
Building for S Tolkin: 1937.
Building for Weilligh Investments: 1935.
Building I3: n.d.. Melrose Arch,
Building, Stand 4989: c1896.
Building, stands 1159-61: 1934.
Buildings for C Setzer: 1928.
Burghersdorp and Natalspruit refuse destruction: pre-1912.
Bus Shelter: 1992. Parktown,
Buxton Hotel: c1928.
Buxton House: 1906. Doornfontein,
Cactusland: 1996. Doornfontein,
Caledonian Hall: 1905.
Callinicos Shops and Flats: 1959. Kensington,
Cambridge Mansions: 1934.
Carl von Brandis Memorial and Grave: n.d..
Carlton Centre: 1967-1974.
Carlton Hotel - First: 1906 : 1935 : 1960s.
Carnarvon Mansions: 1927.
Casa Bedo: 1936. Waverley,
Casa Neathbed: 1937. Observatory Ext,
Castle Beer Hall: 1939.
Castle Brewery Building: 1893.
Castle Garage, (now altered): 1936. Booysens,
Castle Mansions - First: 1899-1902.
Castle Mansions - Second: 1930.
Cathedral of St Constantine and St Helen: 1912.
Catholic Cathedral of Christ the King: 1958-1960. Hillbrow,
Catholic Church: 1935. Rosebank,
Catholic Church - First: 1897.
Catholic Church, Yeoville: 1934. Yeoville,
Catholic Club, Jeppe St: c1902.
Cavendish Chambers, ext alt: 1932.
Cawse and Malcolm Bldg: 1926.
Cecil Mansions: 1927.
Cenotaph: 1925.
Central Agencies and Import Co Ltd: 1933.
Central City Bldg: 1904.
Central Fire Station: 1931.
Central Fire Station: 1906.
Central Hotel: 1889.
Central Methodist Mission: 1967.
Central News Agency (CNA) Building: 1933.
Central News Agency Building: n.d..
Central SAR Park Station, admin block: n.d..
Central Terminal Building at OR Tambo: 2009.
Centre for Experiential Learning: n.d..
Chamber of Mines Building - First: 1894-1895.
Chamber of Mines Building - Second: 1921-1923.
Chamber of Mines Building - Third: 1950-1954.
Chamber of Mines Hospital: 1937. Cottesloe,
Champion Buildings: 1908.
Champion's Store: 1907.
Chancellor House: n.d.. Ferreirasdorp,
Chandler's Brewery: 1937. Ophirton,
Chapman House: c1905.
Charlotte Maxeke Hospital - was Johannesburg Academic Hospital: 1978.
Chassidic Synagogue: 1931.
Chassidic Synagogue, New: 1963. Yeoville,
Chatham Court: 1934.
Chequers Flats for Messrs Chequers: 1936. Hospital Hill,
Children's Aid Society: 1925. Brixton,
Children's Hospital, laundry blocks: 1938.
Christ Church: 1897. Mayfair,
Christ Church, Caroline St/Clarendon Place: 1908.
Christ the King Anglican Church: 1932. Sophiatown,
Christian Science Church: 1909.
Chrysler House - Atkinson House: 1938.
Chudleigh Building - Second, now OK Bazaars: 1912.
Chudleigh's Building - First: c1890.
Church Building, Old: 1935.
Church Hall: 1923. Parkview,
Church Hall, Malvern: 1926. Malvern,
Church of Christ Scientist - Second: 1927. Kensington,
Church of the Holy Trinity: 1907. Turffontein,
Cider Factory and Storage Bldg for SA Apple and Agricultural Industries: 1923.
Cinema and shops: 1935. Kenilworth,
Circa on Jellicoe: 2009. Rosebank,
Circle Court: 1934. Hillbrow,
Citibank Centre: 1967-1968. Central,
City Chambers: pre-1910.
City Deep Mining Co: n.d.. The Hill Township,
City Hall: 1915 : 1937.
City Park Mansions: 1931.
Civic Theatre: 1961. Braamfontein,
Claradon House: 1926.
Clarendon Circle: n.d..
Clarendon Court: 1934. Hillbrow,
Cleghorn and Harris bldg: 1939.
Cleghorn, Mackenzie and Co Building: c1904.
Cleveland School: 1895.
Clifton Wesleyan Methodist Church: 1897. Braamfontein,
Club House, adds, Houghton Golf Course: 1928.
Clyde Building: 1937. Central,
Coal Research Laboratories at MINTEK: 1985.
Colin Gordon Nursing Home: 1943.
College Mansions: 1934.
Colonial Mutual Life Building: 1923 : 1934.
Colonnade Bldg: 1889. Central,
Colosseum Theatre: 1931. Central,
Commercial Bldg: pre-1895. Central,
Commercial Exchange Bldg: 1935.
Commercial High School: 1920s.
Communal Hall: 1930. Eastern Native Township,
Computer Centre at the JHB Railway Station complex: n.d..
Concert Hall: 1906. Newlands,
Congregational Church: 1906. Turffontein,
Coniston Court: 1931. Berea,
Connaught Mansions: n.d..
Consolidated Building: 1904.
Consolidated Goldfields Building: 1933.
Constantia Court: 1935.
Constitutional Court - Constitutional Hill: 2004.
Convent of the Good Shepherd: pre-1908. Norwood,
Convent of the Holy Family: pre-1905. Parktown,
Corner House - Second: 1889.
Corner House - Third: 1903.
Corner House, New: 1964.
Corona Lodge: 1986.
Coronation Hospital Dental Infirmary: 1938.
Coronation House: 1938.
Corporation Building: 1899.
Corporation Building (Second): 1954. Central,
Cosmo Club, supervising archt: pre-1934.
Cosmopolitan Hotel: 1899. Jeppe,
Country Club: 1906. Auckland Park,
Country Club: pre-1934.
Country Club residential annexe: 1925.
Courtyard House: 1960s.
Courtyards on Oxford: 2008. Forest Town,
Courtyards, The: 1965. Craighall Park,
CPL (Agfa) Factory: 1963/ 1969. Isando,
Cradock Heights: 1990. Rosebank,
Craighall Park Hotel: 1937.
Cranko House: 1928. Houghton,
Crematorium: 1931-1932. Braamfontein,
Criterion Hotel: 1939. Central,
Crittall-Hope Factory: 1935. Industria,
Crown Garage: 1935.
Crown Heights: 1945. Burghersdorp,
Crown Mine Houses: 1921.
Crown Mines housing schemes: n.d..
Croydon Mansions: 1933.
Cullinan Bldg, with PE TREEBY: 1904.
Cullinan Building: 1906.
Cullinan House: 1910.
Cumberland House (Mansions): 1927.
Cumberland Mansions: 1933.
Cuthbert and Co Store: 1903.
Cuthbert and Co Wholesale: 1923.
Da Gama Court: 1948. Hillbrow,
Danziger Bros Warehouse: 1920.
Darjeeling House: 1910.
Darnaway Long House: 2007. Forest Town,
Darragh House: 1934.
Daventry Court: 1933-1934. Killarney,
Davidson's Mansions: 1923-1925.
Dawson's Hotel: c1935.
De Beers Corner-Stone Building: n.d..
De Beers Headquarters & Support Services Unit: 2004. Ormonde,
Dee Bee Bazaars: 1930.
Delmark House: 1937.
Delta Environmental Centre: 1934-1935.
Dember Bldgs: 1927.
Denstone Court: 1937.
Desroy Mansions: 1930.
Deutsche Friedenskirche, Parsonage: 1935-1936. Hillbrow,
Deutsche Friedenskirche, Parsonage: 1897. Hillbrow,
Deutsche Schule - German School: 1897. Hillbrow,
Devonshire Court - Hotel Blue Star - Hotel VIP: 1935.
Digicall: 2017.
Dix House - The Kagyu Samye Dzong: n.d.. Kensington,
Dolobran: House CL Andersson: 1905.
Domestic quarters and brick factory: pre-1911.
Dominion Bldgs: pre-1912.
DON Buildings: n.d..
Doornfontein Club: 1889. Doornfontein,
Doornfontein Hotel, add: 1938.
Dorchester Mansions: 1931. Central,
Dorkay House: n.d.. Wemmer,
Dorner House: 1903.
Dove's Undertakers: 1933.
Dove-Hobkirk Funeral Chapel: n.d.. Braamfontein,
Downing House, Johannesburg: n.d..
Downing House, Johannesburg: n.d..
Downing Mansions: 1932.
Drill Hall: n.d..
Drive-In Cinema: c1947.
Drivelines Studios: 2017. Maboneng,
Drukkery & Kantoorgebou / Printing Works and Offices: 1960s?.
Drury & Co bldg: 1919.
Duchess Court: c1935. Berea,
Dudley Court: c1936. Rosebank,
Duffus Bros: 1893.
Duncan Bayne Factory: 1935.
Dundonald Mansions: pre 1939.
Dunkeld Mansions: 1939.
Dunvegan Chambers: 1933. Central,
Durban Street 42: n.d..
Eagle Brass Foundry, stands 817-818, 781-782: 1910.
Eaglemont Hotel: 1934. Judith's Paarl,
East London Hotel: 1937. Central,
Eastern District Fire Station: pre-1912.
Eastgate Office Building: 1986. Bedfordview,
Eastgate Shopping Centre - Phase 1: 1979. Bedfordview,
Eastgate Shopping Centre - Phase 2: 1991. Bedfordview,
Eckstein's Buildings - Corner House: 1902. Central,
Eckstein's Compound (staff houses for the Corner House): 1902?. Parktown,
Edelbond Centre, City & Suburban: n.d..
Edgars Headquarters: 1874-1978.
Edura House: 1962. Central,
Egon Guenther Gallery: 1965. Linksfield Ridge,
EH O'Brien, alterations and additions: 1934.
EK Green Bldg: 1897.
EL AL Airline - Interior: n.d.. Pritchard Street,
Elephant Trading Building: 1919-1923.
Elephant Trading Co warehouse, alt: 1937.
Elgin Mansions: c1935.
Ellis Park Swimming Bath: 1909.
Ellis Park, stand: 1933.
Elmol House: 1930.
Eloff House Bldg: 1895.
Embassy Mansions (also known as Embassy Place): 1930. Central,
Emoyeni - House HC Hull: 1905. Parktown,
Empire Buildings, including third Empire Theatre: 1935.
Empire Exhibition Buildings: Milner Park: 1936.
Empire Exhibition: Bloemfontein Kiosk: 1936.
Empire Exhibition: Cape House: 1936.
Empire Exhibition: Hall of South African Industries: 1936.
Empire Exhibition: Palestine Temple Pavilion: 1936.
Empire Exhibition: South African Iron and Steel Industry: 1936.
Empire Exhibition: Transvaal Chamber of Mines Pavilion: 1936.
Empire Exhibition: Uitspan - The Afrikaner Restaurant: 1936.
Empire Exhibition: Union & Western Province Pavilions: 1936.
Empire Exhibition: Various Facades: 1935.
Empire Theatre: 1936. Central,
Empire Theatre - Second: 1905-1906.
Endulini (House CH Mullins): 1937.
Energy Works, The: 2009. Parktown North,
Enfield Court: pre-1927.
Engelhard Court House: 1954. Hurlingham,
Engineering Building, University of the Witwatersrand: 1960s.
English Medium High School: 1939. Cottesloe,
Enoch Sontonga Memorial: 1996. Braamfontein Cemetery,
Epping Lodge for Abbott: 1938. Morningside,
Erf 268 Carnarvon Rd: c1907. Lorentzville,
Erf 269 Carnarvon Rd: c1907. Lorentzville,
Escom Centre: 1956-1958. Braamfontein,
Escom House (Van Eck Building): 1937. Central,
Escom Management and Training College: 1977-1980.
ESKOM West Entrance Gate House: 2005.
Esselen Street Hospital - Colin Gordon Nursing Home: 1943. Hillbrow,
Estcourt Bldg: c1896.
Estromin House: 1936.
Europa Hotel: pre-1927.
Evangelical Lutheran Church: 1902 : 1928. Doornfontein,
Everard Read Gallery: 1982.
Everest: 1952. Hillbrow,
EW Tarry Bldg: 1896.
EW Tarry, head office & stores: 1936.
Excelsior Building: 1935.
Excelsior Meubels - Furniture: n.d..
Executive Centre: n.d..
Exploration Building: 1897.
Express Glass Works: 1935/8.
Extensions to the Gaol: 1893.
Factory & Offices for M Hoppert, stand 358: 1928. Marshallstown,
Factory Dreyfus: 1927.
Factory for AR Co.: 1931. Melville,
Factory for Lever Bros: 1938. Auckland Park,
Factory for Present Properties: 1927.
Factory for Steel & Barnett: 1936. Sindheuvels,
Factory for United Macaroni: 1936.
Factory Goldberg & Zeffertt: 1927. New Doornfontein,
Factory/shops, Stand 1342, for Tvl Confectionery Co ltd: 1926.
Fairlawn: n.d.. Oaklands,
Fairview Fire Tower: 1906.
Faraday Market & Transport Interchange: 2003.
Farrar bldg (Clewer House): 1897.
Fashion House: 1924.
Fatti's Bldg for L Fatti & Co: 1937.
Fatti's bldg, adds: 1925.
Federated Timbers: n.d.. Denver,
Fedex Park: 1990.
Fever Hospital: n.d.. Braamfontein,
Fibro Service Station: 1958. Bedfordview,
Filling Station for Kybar props: 1936.
Finbro Furnishers: 1939.
Finsbury Court: 1934.
Fire Station: n.d.. Rosebank,
Fire Station: n.d..
Fire Station (no address): 1925.
Fire Station, Central: 1906.
Fire Station, Central : 1931.
Flats: 1926.
Flats: 1926.
Flats: 1928.
Flats & Garages, lot 2343, Houghton Estate: 1935. Houghton,
Flats & shops for Kavin & Kelfken: 1931.
Flats around Irene Church: 1934.
Flats at Berea: n.d..
Flats at Crown Rd, project: 1935.
Flats DA Mackee: 1926. Yeoville,
Flats FL Cartwright: 1937.
Flats for A Bristone: 1934.
Flats for A Bryant: 1928. Belgravia,
Flats for Brockway & Emslie: 1931. Mayfair,
Flats for CAO Duggan: 1934.
Flats for D Silverman: 1926.
Flats for H Taylor: 1925. Parktown,
Flats for I Lopato: 1934.
Flats for Kincaid Smith: 1926.
Flats for MC Bird (Bird's Mansions?): 1925.
Flats for Mesdames Inglestone & Freeman: 1928.
Flats for Mr Levey: 1928.
Flats for Mrs McIntosh: 1926.
Flats for R Barnett: 1927. Wanderers View,
Flats for S Baron: 1928.
Flats for S Davis: 1927.
Flats for S Suskin: 1928.
Flats Mrs Smith: 1926. Hospital Hill,
Flats, Houghton Estate for Afr City Props: 1934. Houghton,
Flats, Mayfair for Utility Housing Co: 1934. Mayfair,
Flats, Pritchard St, nr Troye St: 1935.
Fleishman's Bldgs: 1927.
Florida Offices: 1992. Florida,
Flour Milling Complex: 1959. Isando,
FNB Fairlands Campus: n.d..
Fordsburg Hotel: 1912. Fordsburg,
Fordsburg Market: 1896.
Forest & Hughes Bldg: 1926.
Forest Town Long House: 2004. Forest Town,
Forfarshire Hotel: 1937.
Foschini Building - Eloff Street (originally Franwell Building): 1958. Central,
Foxwood House: 1926. Houghton Estate,
Freemason Hall: 1957.
French Club: pre-1934.
Friedenskirche (German Lutheran Church): 1912.
Gable Ends for A Wilkinson: 1903. Parktown,
Gabrielle's Garden - Office Pavilion: 2013. Westcliff,
Gaiety Theatre: 1928. Braamfontein,
Gainsborough Mansions: 1925. Berea,
Gallery van Blerk: 1967. Emmarentia,
Gallo Building: 1920s : 1936 : 1949.
Garden Mansions: c1934. Troyeville,
Garlick & Holdcroft bldg: pre-1937.
Garlick House: 1938. Marshalltown,
Garth Mansions: 1934. Hospital Hill,
Gas Station: n.d..
Gas Works: 1929. Cottesloe,
Gate House The: 1910. Parktown,
Geen & Richards store: c1919.
General Hospital: 1935 : 1939.
General Hospital, Barnato Ward: 1897.
General Mining and Finance Corporation Building - First: 1903-1904.
General Post Office: 1897 : 1905.
Generating Station and Offices: pre-1912.
Generations studios: 1996.
George Angus and Co Warehouse and offices: 1938.
George Farrar's Grave: 1915. Bedfordview,
Georgeson/Gengson Mansions: c1935.
Gerald Gordon House: 1968. Linksfield,
Geraldine Court: pre 1939.
Gereformeerde Kerk: 1970. Central,
Gereformeerde Kerk: 1903. Fordsburg,
Gereformeerde Kerk: 1915. Melville,
Gereformeerde Kerk: 1935. Melville,
Gereformeerde Kerk Johannesburg-Suid: 1930.
Gereformeerde Kerk Johannesburg-Wes: 1948. Brixton,
German Club: 1928.
German School: 1897.
GH Langlee Bldg, alt: 1930.
Gilhove's Undertakers, offices: 1939.
Girls' Diocesan School, hostel: 1921.
Girls' High School, add: 1938. Barnato Park,
Girls' High School, laboratories: 1936. Barnato Park,
Girls' Hostel: 1925. Brixton,
Glenalmond: c1932. Melrose,
Glencairn Buildings: n.d..
Gleneagles: 1937. Killarney,
Glenshiel: House Sir William Dalrymple: 1910. Westcliff,
Globe Theatre: 1889.
Goch's Bldgs: 1933.
Gold Reef City: 1986.
Goldberg & Zeffertt factory: 1927.
Golden City Hotel (later the Gladstone Hotel): 1905.
Goldfields Confectionary: 1936.
Golf View Heights: 1949. Observatory,
Good Shepherd Home, chapel: 1926. Norwood,
Good Shepherd Home, Orchards: c1923. Orchards,
Goodman's bldg: c1887/9.
Gordon Institute of Business Science, phase 1: 1998.
Gordon Institute of Business Science, Phase 2: 2008.
Gourock Ropework Export: 1936.
Government Building: 1887.
Gower Properties: 1939.
Grand National Bldgs for Grand National Hotel: 1926.
Grand National Building: n.d..
Grand National Hotel - First: 1888-1889.
Grand Station Hotel: 1897. Jeppestown,
Great North Transport Co filling station: 1935.
Great Synagogue: 1912-1914.
Great War Memorial, Jeppe High School for Boys: 1926. Kensington,
Green's Bldg: 1935.
Green's chambers: 1893.
Greenfield Court: 1937.
Greenside High School: n.d..
Greenside House: 1940.
Greenside Primary School: n.d..
Gresham Hotel: 1938.
Gresham Motors: 1936. Selby,
Groot Drakenstein: 1960s. Hillbrow,
Groote Kerk: 1851.
Groote Schuur Court: n.d..
Grosvenor House: 1951-1953.
Groundsman's House, New Johannesburg Country Club: 1967.
Grove Mansions: 1935/8.
Hack's Garage: 1934.
Hamidia Masjid - Newtown Mosque: 1958.
Hannah Court: 1934.
Hans Merensky Offices: 1988. Parktown,
Harley Chambers: n.d..
Harley Chambers: 1926.
Haroljean Heights: 1951. Yeoville,
Harrock Heights: pre 1946. Rouxville,
Harrowby for Mrs E Birnie: 1928. Berea,
Hart Auctioneers: 1926.
Hartfield House: 1908.
Harvard Buildings: 1928.
Harvey Greenacre's Store - First: 1889.
Harwarden Court: 1934.
Hastem House, City & Suburban: n.d..
Hatfield House: 1904.
Hatherley Distillery: 1889. Central,
Hazeldene Hall: 1902. Parktown,
Head Offices for the Federated Insurance Co: n.d..
Heath's Buildings: 1931.
Heath's Hotel: 1894.
Heaths Buildings: n.d..
Hebrew Nursery School: n.d.. Yeoville,
Heliochronometer, Country Club Johannesburg: c1875.
Hellenic Government School: 1928-1931. Malvern,
Helpmekaar High School: 1926.
Helvetia Court: 1935. Bellevue,
Henderson's Bldg: 1924.
Henderson's Bldg: pre-1910.
Henderson's bldgs: c1905.
Henwood Bldg: 1893.
Henwood's store, new façade: 1892.
Hepworth's Bldg: 1928.
Herbert Davies Co Ltd: 1933.
Herbert Evans, The Paint House: 1914.
Herold & King’s (later Eriksen’s) Garage: 1936.
HeronBridge College: 1992.
Hi-Riagan Court for Dr GAE Murray: 1926.
High Court Building: 1904 : 1932.
Highfield Manor - House HC Hull: 1905. Parktown,
Highgate Shopping Centre: 1988. Industria,
Highlands Stairs: n.d..
Highpoint: 1970. Hillbrow,
Highveld House: 1996. Forest Town,
Hill Extension School: 1938. Hill Extension,
Hillbro House: 1924.
Hillbrow Counselling Centre: 2017.
Hillbrow Tower - Telkom Jo'burg Tower: 1968-1971.
Hilson & Taylor's warehouse: 1927.
Hilson House (originally Hepworths Building): 1929. Central,
Hindu Crematorium: 1918. Brixton,
Hippo Trading Co factory: 1938. Stafford,
His Majesty's Theatre: 1938. Marshallstown,
Hoër Seunskool Helpmekaar Boys High School: 1926 : 1945 : pre 1956.
Hohenheim: 1892-1894. Parktown,
Holandia Headquarters: 1989. Parktown,
Holland House: 1935.
Hollandia House: 1939.
Hollard Street Squash Racquet Club: 1980.
Holmes-a-Court: 1931. Greenside,
Holy Family Convent: 1905. Parktown,
Holy Family Convent and School, End St: 1923. Belgravia,
Holy Family Convent, Assembly hall and classrooms: 1934. Parktown,
Holy Trinity Catholic Church: 1937. Braamfontein,
Home for 'Cripples' (Hope Home?): 1935. Westcliffe,
Hope Convalescent Home: 1930. Westcliff,
Hope Convalescent Home, nurses' quarters: 1937.
Hope School and Hope Home: n.d. : 1916 : 1929. Westcliffe Ridge,
Hortor's printing works: pre-1922.
Hortor's, add: 1935.
Hosken Bldg: 1897.
Hoskin's Bldgs: pre-1922.
Hospital: 1950s?. Carltonville,
Hospital, Randfontein, for Randfontein Estates: 1932.
Hotel: 1939.
Hotel Edward: pre1936.
Hotel for Landed Investment Co: 1937. Jeppestown,
Hotel for Messrs Genns Ltd: 1923.
Hotel for Mrs Malkin: 1939.
Hotel for S Goldberg: 1939. Bertrams,
Hotpoint House: 1934.
Houghton Heights: 1938.
Houghton House: 1934. Houghton,
Houghton Residence: n.d.. Houghton,
House: c1932. Houghton Estate,
House: 1913. Houghton,
House: c1929. Killarney,
House: 1929. Mountain View,
House: 1935. Lower Houghton,
House: 1910. Parktown,
House: 1903. New Doornfontein,
House: 1928. Parkview,
House: n.d.. Parktown,
House: 1930s. Parkwood,
House (next to Northwards): 1924.
House - Crazy Cot: n.d.. Melrose,
House - Fourth St and Eleventh Ave: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House 1 Sachs: 1957.
House 4 (House Seftel), Seven Houses Project: 2008. Parkview,
House 7, Seven Houses Project: 2011. Parkview,
House A Balfour: Pilrig: 1903. Parktown,
House A Brooks: 1937. Parktown North,
House A Coxon: pre-1915.
House A H Lewis: pre-1912. Parktown,
House A Jeffreys: Glenacre: 1902. Parktown,
House A King: 1928. Houghton Estate,
House A Lane: 1939. Linksfield,
House A Mackie Niven: 1902.
House A Monsbourgh: 1912. Houghton,
House A Nieman Smith: St Margaret's: 1911. Parktown,
House A Rolland: 1928.
House A Tamaris: 1936. Houghton,
House A Ward Clare: 1934. Melrose,
House A Wilkinson: Forest Hill/Gable Ends: 1903.
House AAJ Kemp: 1938.
House Acutt: n.d.. Inanda,
House Adv AE Coaker: 1924. Forest Town,
House Advocate van Soelen: 1922. Parktown West,
House AEG Becker, adds: 1929. Parktown,
House AF Williams, Jnr: 1938.
House AJJ Goldby: 1933. Saxonwold,
House Allen: 1982.
House Allen - Yukon: c1911. Bezuidenhouts Valley,
House Angehern: 1929. Yeoville,
House Anton van Wouw: 1927. Doornfontein,
House Anton van Wouw: 1913. Doornfontein,
House AP Green: n.d.. Dunkeld,
House Apter: 1959. Senderwood,
House Archdeacon and Mrs Furse: Bishopskop: 1904. Parktown,
House Aronsen, resident architect for LA LUBYNSKI: 1924. Parktown,
House Ashton: n.d..
House Avis: n.d.. Houghton,
House Azavedo: 1982. Bassonia,
House B Clinch: 1939.
House B Currie: 1911. Parktown,
House Bamford - Deveron: n.d.. Sandown,
House Banks: n.d.. Berea,
House Barker - AMASENI: 1936. Westcliff Ridge,
House Barry - Cranbrook: 1911.
House Barry - Hurstcliff - Trevadlock: 1903.
House Barton Short: 1926. Rosebank,
House Bateman - Sui-ko-kan: n.d.. Parktown,
House Baumann - Ridgeholme: 1903. Parktown,
House Beatty: n.d.. Parktown,
House Beecher: 1893.
House Behrmann - Tudor Close: n.d..
House Bell: 1978.
House Bell: n.d.. Parktown,
House Berlein: n.d.. Dunkeld,
House Bernard Price: Savernake, alterations: 1939.
House Bernstein: 1912. Parktown,
House Bernstein: 1930. Lower Houghton,
House Bernstein: n.d.. Observatory,
House Berrill: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House Bethlehem: n.d.. Melrose Estate,
House Beyers Naudé: n.d.. Greenside,
House Bird: n.d.. Northcliff,
House Blignaut: 1936. Greenside,
House Bodrow: n.d.. Saxonwold,
House Boswell - Tambuki: n.d.. Sandown,
House Boterman: 1960s. Buccleuch,
House Bothner: pre 1993. Saxonwold,
House BR Hunt: n.d.. Houghton Estate,
House Braam Fischer: n.d.. Oaklands,
House Brathwaite - Utyani: n.d.. Saxonwold,
House Brookstone: 1933.
House Brown - Dykeneuk: 1904. Kensington,
House Butler: 1982. Westcliff,
House C Albert: 1925.
House C Athanasoponlos: 1927. Kensington,
House C Athanasopoulos: 1927. Kensington,
House C Saintz: 1902. Berea,
House CA Canning: 1903. Doornfontein,
House Cameron: 1934. Houghton,
House Campbell - Ailsa: n.d.. Bedford Park,
House Capt Greenwood, Wanooka: c1900. Parktown,
House Capt OW Sherwell: 1923. Westcliff,
House Captain Cook: 1903. Parktown,
House Carl Jeppe: 1888. Jeppestown,
House Carr - Milnerloo: c1937. Parktown,
House CB Mallock: 1925. Dunkeld,
House CC Champion: 1930. Saxonwold,
House CE Nixon - Clovelly: 1912. Parktown,
House CE Wilson: 1916.
House CE Wilson: n.d.. Parktown,
House CE Wilson, alt: 1935. Parktown,
House CH Barclay: 1925. Auckland Park,
House CH Barclay: Towie: 1903.
House CH Beart: 1894.
House CH Kregor: 1893.
House CH Leake: 1921. Parktown,
House CH Mullins (Endulini): 1937. Parktown,
House CH Peach: 1924.
House Chaplin - Marienhof - Brenthurst: 1904 : 1935. Parktown,
House Charles - Standon: 1935. Houghton,
House Christie: n.d..
House CJ Jacoby: 1937.
House CL Andersson: Dolobran: 1905-1906. Parktown,
House Clayton: 1890.
House Clennar - Three Ways: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House CO Theinhaus: 1926. Houghton,
House Coburn Hyman: 1935.
House Coddington: 1927. Parktown,
House Coe: n.d.. Dunkeld West,
House Cohen: 1987. Forest Town,
House Cohen - Chimneys: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House Coller: n.d.. Saxonwold,
House Collinge - Fouracres: n.d.. Saxonwold,
House Connock: n.d.. Houghton,
House Connok: 1935. Melrose,
House Conrad: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House Cook: 1935.
House Corlett: Ellan Vannin: c1930. Houghton,
House Cowin: 1924.
House Cox: n.d.. Houghton Ridge,
House CR Davis: 1926. Houghton,
House Crofton: n.d.. Rosebank,
House Cumming: n.d..
House Curtis - Klooflands: c1893.
House CW Dix: Dysart House: 1913. Parktown,
House CW Simpson: 1933. Saxonwold,
House D Denoon Duncan: 1928. Westcliff,
House D Saner: 1925.
House D Starfield: 1895.
House DA Tullis, add: 1933.
House Dale Lace - Farleigh: n.d.. Parktown,
House Dalrymple: 1923. Parktown,
House Davidson - Godolphin House: n.d.. Observatory,
House Davis: n.d..
House de la Harpe: 1975 : 1979. Morningside,
House Deeble - Athol: n.d..
House Denis Santry, Kleine Schuur: 1910 : 2013. Parktown,
House Denton: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House Desirello - House Moslein: 1965. Illovo,
House Dewar: 1910. Parktown,
House Dickinson: n.d.. Westcliff,
House DL Foxwell: 1892.
House Dobson: n.d.. Dunkeld,
House Dodds: n.d..
House Douglas: n.d.. Houghton,
House Douglas Pennant - The Thatched House: 1904. Riviera,
House Dr A Jokl: n.d.. Northcliff,
House Dr Aaronson: 1924. Forest Town,
House Dr AB Xuma - Empilweni: n.d.. Sophiatown,
House Dr AJ Orenstein: Villa d'Este: 1922.
House Dr Albelheim: Kirstenbosch: 1926. Saxonwold,
House Dr Berryman: 1938. Northcliff,
House Dr BG Melle: 1934.
House Dr Campbell: 1926. Parktown,
House Dr E Friedman: 1937. Westcliff,
House Dr ET Mellor: Jesmond: 1922. Parktown,
House Dr FP Fouche: 1927. Westcliffe,
House Dr Freitas Morna: 1984. Northcliff Extension 12,
House Dr JS Lawrie (brother): c1935. Saxonwold,
House Dr L Stag: 1936.
House Dr Martin: 1930.
House Dr P Adelson: 1935. Melrose,
House Dr PW Squire: 1903.
House Dr Steurt: 1930. Lower Houghton,
House Dr Van der Bijl: 1931. Houghton,
House Dr WJF Davis: Savernake: 1904.
House du Preez: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House Duncan, J C: 1925. Westcliffe,
House Durham: n.d..
House Durward - Langlea: n.d.. Melrose Estate,
House Duthie - Cairnbrae: n.d.. Westcliff,
House E Barnett, stand 198: 1933. Oaklands,
House E Fernhead: 1921. Parkview,
House E Hunt: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House E St M Hutchinson: 1913.
House E Susman: n.d.. Houghton,
House EA Walker: 1925. Saxonwold,
House EB Brinkworth: 1927. Linksfield,
House EC McKecnie: 1935. Melrose,
House Edmiston: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House EH Gregory: 1913. Parktown,
House EJ Adcock: 1895.
House EJG Roy: 1934. Melrose Estate,
House EJW Henderson: 1923. Parktown,
House Ellenberger: 1926. Melrose,
House Ellison: n.d..
House Emil Hjost: pre-1915.
House EN de Kok: 1934. Parkview,
House Endean: 1928. Houghton,
House Engel: n.d.. Saxonwold,
House Enid Beckley: 1934. Westcliffe,
House EP Solomon: 1902.
House Epstein - Meadowbrook: n.d.. Melrose,
House Erroll Hay: Waltonhaze: 1927. Illovo,
House Etheridge: 1905. Parktown,
House Everard Digby: 1913. Parktown,
House EW Bond: 1920. Parkview,
House Ewing: 1937. Morningside,
House F Cohen: n.d.. Northcliff,
House F Gordon: 1936. Parkview,
House Fassler: 1953. Emmarentia,
House FC Sturrock - Earnholme: 1910. Parktown,
House FD Jones: n.d..
House Feldman: 1960s. Parktown North,
House FI Becker: 1894.
House Finger: n.d.. Houghton,
House Firth: 1928. Parkview,
House Fitzpatrick - Clonave: 1910.
House FJ Becker: 1896.
House Fleming: 1931.
House Fleming - Kaylen: c1940. Westcliff,
House Fogal: 1933.
House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel - Japan Architect Competition: 1979.
House for the Central Mining and Investment Corp : The Gate House: 1910. Parktown,
House Forster: n.d.. Linksfield,
House Fotheringham: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House Fram: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House Frankel - Beechwood: n.d..
House Frederick Eckstein: Hildasheim: 1896.
House Fredman: n.d.. Northcliff,
House Fruman: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House Fullerton: n.d.. Greenside Extension,
House FV Rees: Etunzini: 1928. Parktown,
House FW Bannister: n.d.. Melrose Estate,
House FW Beyers: 1896.
House FW Stokes: 1892.
House G Douglas: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House G Leith: 1932?.
House G Mackay: 1925. Saxonwold,
House G Parkes: 1923. Rosebank,
House G Reid: n.d.. Riviera,
House GA Chalkey: 1925.
House Gallagher: 1932. Melrose,
House Gallo: n.d..
House Garden: n.d..
House Garin - Louzette: n.d.. Hyde Park,
House GC Jones: 1926.
House Gelgor: 1960s.
House George Albu: Hlati-kulu: 1931. Rosebank,
House George Black: 1934. Lower Houghton,
House George Farrar, Bedford Court - now St Andrew's School for Girls: 1904. Bedfordview,
House George Lenz: 1926. Houghton,
House George Richards: Claremont: 1894.
House GG Fleming (own house): 1905.
House GH Adie: 1923.
House Gibson: 1922. Kensington,
House Gilfillan: 1897. Belgravia,
House Gillibrand: 1967.
House GJ Brunton: 1906. Berea,
House Goldberg: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House Goldberg - Wynnstay: 1913. Parktown,
House Goldman: 1960s. Dewetshof,
House Goodman: 1963. Hyde Park,
House Goodman: 1937. Saxonwold,
House Gordon Wright, Mountain View: 1926.
House Graaf: 1936. Mountain View,
House Grant MacKenzie: n.d.. Houghton,
House Gray - Windybrow: n.d.. Kensington,
House Green: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House Greenberg: n.d.. Greenside,
House Greig: n.d.. Killarney,
House Grinker: 1939. Parkwood,
House Grinker - Kangelani: pre 1948.
House GT Cannon: 1925. Parktown,
House Guedes - Consulate of Eclectica: 1975. Melville,
House GW Paddon: c1905. Parktown,
House GW Tucker: n.d.. Houghton,
House H Cohen: n.d.. Melrose Estate,
House H Epstein: n.d.. Illovo,
House H Weston: 1925. Westcliff,
House Haenggi: 1964 Project not built.
House Hamilton: n.d..
House Hampton: n.d..
House Hanson: 1938. Houghton,
House Harold Jeppe: 1925. Auckland Park,
House Harper - Redruth: n.d.. Forest Town,
House Harris: 1933. Lower Houghton,
House Hart: 1928.
House HB/JD - Waite: 1934. Saxonwold,
House HC Hull: 1905. Parktown,
House HD Evans: 1930. Dunkeld,
House Hellman: 1935. Parkview,
House Hendrikz: 1957. Melrose North,
House Hennen Jennings - Sunnyside, later Milner's HQ: 1895. Parktown,
House Henry S Wilson: North Lodge: 1905. Parktown,
House Hersov: 1935. Lower Houghton,
House HF Watson: pre 1899. Parktown,
House HGL Panchaud, Black Roof: 1910. Parktown,
House Hilewitz: 1983. Athol,
House Hill Mitchelson: 1928. Houghton,
House Hillman: 1910. Belgravia,
House Hillman - Ridge Heights: n.d.. Parktown,
House HL Davis: n.d.. Riviera District,
House HM Tarberer: Emoyen: 1913. Parktown,
House Hochstadter: n.d..
House Hofmeyr: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House Holdcroft - Dunloe: 1904. Parktown,
House Hollander - Light House: 2015.
House Hooke, alt: 1926. Wanderer's View,
House Howard Pim - Timewell: 1905. Parktown,
House Howe-Gould - Clavistol: n.d.. Saxonwold,
House Hubbard: 1911. Parkview,
House Hunt: n.d.. Houghton,
House Hurwitz: 1938. Houghton,
House HV Batten: 1939. Sandown,
House I Hayman - The Angles (now Stonehaven): 1911.
House I Rosencrown: 1904. Doornfontein,
House IEM Cooper: 1920. Rosebank,
House in Bedford Park: n.d..
House in Dunkeld: n.d..
House in Dunkeld: n.d..
House in Lower Houghton: c1948. Houghton,
House in Lower Houghton 2: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House in Lower Houghton 3: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House in Morningside: n.d.. Morningside,
House in Parktown - Twee Gevels: 1928.
House Isaacson: n.d..
House J Atkins: 1932. Houghton Estate,
House J Bel: 1936. Bedford Park,
House J Bell: n.d.. Bedford Park,
House J Brown: n.d.. Kensington,
House J Chapman: pre-1933.
House J Cowie, stand 2427: 1895.
House J Dunbar: 1938. Parktown,
House J Grant: n.d.. Saxonwold,
House J Port: 1927. Saxonwold,
House J Riskowitz: 1929. Houghton,
House J Rutherford: 1904. Kensington,
House J Saddington: 1933. Dunkeld West,
House J Schwartz: n.d.. Houghton,
House J Sharpe: pre-1933.
House J Solomon: n.d.. Houghton,
House J Tilson Barry: 1926. Dunkeld,
House Jacob: Arnheim: 1893.
House James Gray - Mourgana: 1927. Lower Houghton Estate,
House James Thompson: Riviera: c1923.
House Jankelowitz: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House JB Weil: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House JD Ellis: 1896.
House Jedeiken: n.d.. Saxonwold,
House Jeffs Watson: n.d.. Saxonwold,
House Jeppe: n.d.. Parktown West,
House Jeppe - Friedenheim: 1896. Jeppestown,
House Jeppe - Meadowbrook: n.d.. Melrose Estate,
House JF Fergusson: 1926. Dunkeld,
House JF Fergusson & Co: 1931. Parkwood,
House JF Goch: Kingswood: 1902. Parktown,
House JH Marks: 1893.
House JHS Whitycombe: 1927. Houghton,
House JL van Eyssen: 1897.
House Joel, Barnato Park: c1923.
House John - Avalon: 1910 : 2012. Parktown,
House Jonas: High Acre: 1935. Parkview,
House Joubert: 1991. Northcliff,
House JPM Fry: 1893.
House JR Couper: 1896.
House JS Fotherham, Bedford Estate via Linkfield: 1937.
House JW Selke: The Mount: 1910.
House K Ray: 1930?. Houghton,
House K Stenhouse: pre-1912. Parktown,
House Kagan: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House Kallenbach: 1932. Linksfield Ridge,
House Kalt: 1935.
House Kammeyer: 1981; 1995. Jukskei Park,
House Kaplan - St Helen's: n.d. : 2001. Westcliff,
House Karnovsky - Barkly House: n.d..
House Karri-Davies - The Outspan: 1902. Parktown,
House Kassar: n.d.. Greenside Extension,
House Kaumheimer - Silver Pines: 1936. Lower Houghton,
House Kelly: 2005. Kyalami,
House Kennedy (Kanonklip, Kenloch): 1925. Westcliff,
House Klipin: n.d.. Parktown,
House Knudsen - El Paso: n.d.. Saxonwold,
House Kreser: 1934. Houghton,
House Krokin: 1907. Parkview,
House Krynauw: n.d.. Houghton Ridge,
House Kuhlman: 1903. Mountain View,
House L Curtis, H Baker: Stonehouse: 1902. Parktown,
House L Mandelstam: 1933. Saxonwold,
House L Phillips - Hohenheim: 1892-1894. Parktown,
House L Schunke: 1903 03 09.
House Laing: 1927. Lower Houghton,
House Lakofski: 1936.
House Landau: n.d.. Sandhurst,
House Landwehr: 1938. Emmarentia,
House Lang: n.d.. Melrose,
House Langerman: 1927. Lower Houghton,
House Lategan: 1938. Houghton,
House Lategan: 1998. Westcliff,
House Leader - The Castle: n.d.. Kensington,
House Lehfeldt - Byeways: 1912. Forest Town,
House Leibowitz: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House Leopold Grinker - Terrene: c1951. Kelvin,
House Leveson: n.d.. Parktown,
House Levin - Glendale: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House Levitt: n.d..
House Levson: 1936. Westcliff,
House Levy - La Morna: n.d.. Houghton,
House Lewis: pre 1968. Craighall Park,
House Lewis: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House Lewis: The Pandy: pre-1911. Houghton,
House Lezard - The Cottage: n.d..
House Liebmann: 1989. Houghton,
House Liebowitz: 1935/8.
House Lionel Phillips: Villa Arcadia: 1909. Parktown,
House Lipschitz - Noordhoek: 1938 : 1969. Houghton,
House Livschitz: n.d.. Observatory,
House LM Lombard: 1934.
House Lofstedt: 1980. Parkwood,
House LP Collet: 2007. Inanda,
House LR McLeod: 1925. Auckland Park,
House Lubner: 1937. Houghton,
House Lurie: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House M Anstey: 1928. Riviera,
House M Cowen: n.d.. Parktown,
House M Kottler: 1935. Parkview,
House M(urray) Gordon: 1938. Westcliff,
House Mackenzie: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House Madlener - Najmeh: 2013. Mountain View,
House Mailer - The Court House: n.d..
House Mansell: n.d.. Parktown,
House Maré: 1948-1955. Westcliff,
House Margaret Goodman: c1930.
House Mark - Vredehoek: n.d..
House Mark Nathan: n.d..
House Marks: 1940.
House Marshall - Melrose House: 1893. Melrose,
House Marthinusen: n.d.. Hyde Park,
House Martienssen: 1926.
House Martienssen - Greenside House: 1939. Greenside,
House Matthews - Barrington: n.d.. Illovo,
House Max Rosettenstein: 1895.
House McClea: 1935. Dunkeld,
House McLea: c1897. Jeppestown,
House McMaster - Rosslyn: n.d.. Observatory,
House McPherson, add, Highlands: 1927.
House ME Brown: 1936. Parkwood,
House Mellor - Jesmond: 1922 : 1999. Parktown,
House Meltzer: n.d.. Houghton,
House Mendelssohn: 1925. Parktown,
House Menell - Noordzicht: n.d.. Saxonwold,
House Meyer: 1984. Parkview,
House Meyer: Buitenzorg: 1924. Parktown,
House MI Adams: The Rondavels: c1914. Illovo,
House Michaelis: n.d.. Dunkeld,
House Miljo for J Kalt: 1937. Observatory,
House Millen: 1996. Greenside,
House Miller - Janeal: 1936. Parktown,
House Millin: 1909. Parktown,
House Minnaar: n.d.. Houghton,
House Misses Lawrence and Earle: 1926. Parktown,
House ML Jones: 1923. Houghton,
House Mockford: 1935. Lower Houghton,
House Moerdijk: 1919. Forest Town,
House Mongolia: 2002. Criaghall Park,
House Moore - Kasempa: n.d..
House Moran: 2010. Parktown North,
House Morgenstern: 1955. Linksfield Ridge,
House Morris Green, stand 1247: 1927.
House Morrison - Ard-Ma-Chree: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House Mosenthal - Montecito: n.d.. Parktown,
House Moser: n.d..
House MP Everitt: 1924. Observatory,
House Mr Currie: 1921. Westcliffe,
House Mr Jaffe: 1933. Houghton,
House Mrs C Friedman,alt: 1933.
House Mrs Dale Lace: Northwards: 1904. Parktown,
House Mrs DR Ranken: 1933. Melrose,
House Mrs Geo Black: 1926. Parktown,
House Mrs Given-Wilson: 1910. Yeoville,
House Mrs JG Beatty: 1915. Parktown,
House Mrs V Lindsey: 1923. Parktown,
House Mybergh: Athol House: 1902.
House Myhill: 1972. Khyber Rock,
House N De Roos: 1922. Forest Town,
House N Griffin, Ranelagh Estate: 1937.
House N Kreen: 1928. Houghton,
House Naude: 1936 : 2016. Houghton,
House near Rosebank: n.d..
House Nicholas: 2013. Richmond,
House Norman Reynolds: 1938. Sandhurst,
House O Walpole, Gunhill: 1926.
House Oates: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House OB Brooks: 1936. Parktown North,
House Odgers: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House of Life: 1939.
House Ohlthaver: n.d.. Westcliff,
House on a Hill: c1970. Northcliff,
House Oppenheimer - Little Brenthurst: n.d.. Parktown,
House Osborne: n.d.. Oaklands,
House P Cowen: n.d.. Parktown,
House P Gregson: 1931. Houghton,
House P Herd: Sefton: 1920. Parktown,
House P McIntosh: 1938. Houghton Estate,
House P R Davis: pre-1912. Parktown,
House Page: 1904. Waverley,
House Pauline Grinker: c1940. Cyrildene,
House PC Lucas: 1933. Lower Houghton,
House PD Amm: 1930. Houghton Ext,
House Pemberton: 1927. Houghton,
House Pen-y-Bryn, for EH Jones: 1905. Parktown,
House Penney: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House Percik: 1946. Observatory Extension,
House Petersen - Pumalanga: n.d.. Houghton,
House Phitides: c1925. Houghton,
House Piel: 1926.
House Pincus: n.d.. Observatory Extension,
House Pinfold - Spence: 1954. Pine Park,
House Polliack: n.d.. Illovo,
House Polonsky - Normandy: n.d.. Houghton,
House Port: n.d.. Saxonwold,
House Porter: n.d..
House Potter - Forest House: n.d.. Parktown,
House Poultenay: pre-1922. Yeoville,
House Pratt-Johnson: 1922. Parktown,
House Prentice: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House Prissman: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House Pritchard - Littleholm: 1904. Parktown,
House Prof Frankel: 1936. Westcliff,
House Prof John Orr: 1928.
House R Campbell: 1903.
House R Feetham: The Moot House: 1905. Parktown,
House R Meyers: Thelton: 1935.
House R Robbins: pre-1912. Parktown,
House R Stratford: 1928. Dunkeld,
House RAC Kearns: 1933.
House Rayner-Laver - Peacock Pie: n.d..
House Readhead - Cannuk: 1942. Parktown West,
House Rech: 1999. Westcliff,
House Redford - The Turret: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House Reid: n.d..
House RF Bertram: 1894.
House RG Fricker: Gateways: 1903. Parktown,
House RH Spence: 1895.
House Rich: n.d.. Parktown West,
House Richdale: n.d.. Parktown West,
House RL David: 1895.
House Roberts - Dawn Villa: n.d..
House Robinson - Beinvenue: n.d..
House Robinson - Stratford: 1955. Wierda Valley,
House Robson: n.d.. Observatory,
House Roff - Jevington: n.d.. Houghton,
House Rogoff - Rock House: n.d..
House Roos: 1991.
House Rorke-Scholes: 1977. Melville,
House Rosenberg: n.d.. Saxonwold,
House Rosenstein: 1934.
House Rosmarin: 1980. Houghton Estate,
House Rossack: 1934. Houghton,
House Rothman: 2005. Melville,
House Rothschild - Redshield: n.d.. Observatory,
House RP MacKenzie CMG: 1928. Auckland Park,
House RS Graves: 1926. Houghton Estate,
House Rubenstein - Stone Chalet: n.d.. Westcliff Ridge,
House RWH Fergusson: 1928. Lower Houghton,
House S London: Aloe Ridge: 1916. Parktown,
House S Sive: 1938. Parktown,
House Sachs: 1926. Saxonwold,
House Sack: 1954. Cyrildene,
House Schabort: 1927. Parkview,
House Schainberg: n.d.. Parktown,
House Schneier - Castle Ridge: 1927. Westcliff,
House Schneier: Bel Riguardo: 1913. Parktown,
House Schuurman: n.d..
House Schwartz: 1960. Parktown West,
House Schwellnus: 1969. Parkview,
House Scott: n.d.. Mountain View,
House Segal: 1964. Northcliff,
House SH Coronel: Hinda Villa: 1893.
House Shapiro: n.d.. Houghton,
House Sharp: 1931. Westcliff,
House Sher: n.d..
House Shires - Outeniqua: 1905. Parktown,
House Silverthorne: 1925. Kensington,
House Simmons: 1931. Houghton Estate,
House Sinton: 1936. Bedford Park,
House Sir Michael and Lady Oppenheimer: 1933. Westcliffe,
House Sir Reginald Blankenburg: 1929. Parktown,
House Sir Thomas N Cullinan: The View: 1896-1897 : 1903. Parktown,
House Sir William Dalrymple: Glenshiel: 1910. Westcliff,
House SJ Pitts - The Capers: n.d.. Westcliff,
House Sloper - Endstead: 1903. Parktown,
House Smith-Verster: 1975. Melville,
House Smitsdorp: 1995. Melville,
House Smuts Le Roux: 2010?.
House SN Pritchard: 1931.
House Snyders: 2013?. Blair Athol,
House Stainbank: 1937. Melrose,
House Staude: 1995. Melville,
House Stein: n.d.. Houghton,
House Stern: 1927.
House Stern: 1934. Lower Houghton,
House Stott: pre 1925. Parktown,
House Stuart-Menzie: n.d.. Morningside,
House Studholme: n.d..
House Surtees - Ballyrush: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House Suzman: 1937. Lower Houghton,
House Suzman: 1936. Lower Houghton,
House Swan - Craignethan: n.d..
House Sydney Smith - Penicuik: 1918. Parktown,
House T Begbie: 1894.
House T Cohen: n.d.. Houghton,
House T Creivar: 1896.
House T Palmer: pre-1905.
House T Reunert: Windybrow: 1896.
House T Simpson: Bywoods: 1925. Parktown,
House Taylor: n.d.. Kensington,
House Teer: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House Thomas Graham: 1925. Orange Grove,
House Thompson - Athol Murray: n.d.. Inanda,
House Thomson - Taynuilt: 1903 : 1943 : 1986. Waverley,
House Three Ways: 1936. Houghton,
House TNC Nourse: North View: c1937. Parktown,
House Townshend - Monymusk: n.d.. Hyde Park,
House Tracy, Beauvais: 1907. Observatory,
House Travers: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House TS Farquhar - Duntreath: 1910. Westcliff,
House Tucker: 1935. Melrose,
House Tucker: n.d.. Greenside,
House Turgel, 'Marakesh': 1960. Lyndhurst,
House Turner: n.d.. Dunkeld,
House TW Cullinan: n.d.. Houghton,
House Unterhalter - Janaberncia: n.d.. Houghton,
House V Daly: n.d.. Dunkeld West,
House V Green: n.d.. Saxonwold,
House van Wyk - Last Glass House: 2014. Parktown,
House Venables - Reverie: n.d..
House Veraart: n.d.. Westcliff,
House Vermey: n.d..
House Vernon Fairbrass: 1930. Melrose Estate,
House VJ Ronketti, stand 1218: 1928. Houghton,
House VL Andersson, Rossmore: 1927. Auckland Park,
House Vladykin: n.d.. Northcliff,
House VS Pearce: 1928. Saxonwold,
House W Alice: 1933. Houghton,
House W Duthie: 1907. Kensington,
House W Gemmill: Dhlulimiti: 1924. Parktown,
House W Morkel, erfs 1964-6: 1893.
House W Windham: Malelane II: 1902. Parktown,
House W Wyberg: n.d.. Inanda,
House Waite: c1935. Saxonwold,
House Walker: Utango: 1912. Parkview,
House Waller: n.d.. Parkview,
House Walter Webber - Ednam: 1906. Parktown,
House Waugh: c1907. Melville,
House WD Boyd: 1936. Mountain View,
House WE Park - The Pines: 1904.
House Webb: 1937. Houghton Estate,
House Weinbrenn: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House Welsh: n.d.. Saxonwold,
House Wentzel - Welgelegen: n.d.. Parktown,
House WF Boustred, builder: 1930.
House WF Harvey: 1925.
House WFT Harvey: Trelissick: 1902. Parktown,
House WG Haig: The Bell House: 1919. Parktown,
House WG Roff: 1932. Orange Grove,
House WG Ross: 1925. Houghton,
House WH Carlin - Marienhof: 1925.
House WH Timberlake: 1936. Observatory Ext,
House White: 1920. Parkview,
House WI Haley: 1896.
House Wickins: n.d.. Houghton Ridge,
House Williams: 1935. Mountain View,
House Williams: 1926. Doornfontein,
House Williams: n.d.. Dunkeld West,
House Wilson: 1934. Inanda,
House Winstanley - Winstead: 1928. Parktown,
House with view over Orange Grove: n.d..
House WJ Wybergh: Inanda House: 1902. Inanda,
House WL Gay: 1928.
House Wm Cooke: 1893.
House WP Morkel: 1893.
House WS Saunders: 1924. Riviera,
House Wulfsohn: n.d..
House Z Cohen: 1926. Houghton Estate,
House Zacks: n.d..
House Zeff: 1937. Houghton,
House Zinn: n.d.. Lower Houghton,
House, 26 Olivia Rd, Berea: 1905. Berea,
House, 35 Roberts Rd, Kensington: 1907. Kensington,
House, Hillbrow St - 48: 1912. Berea,
House, Mrs Paul Davis: 1935. Parkview,
House, stand 108: 1913. Rosebank,
House, stand 837, Floridt ext no 3 (Florida?): n.d..
House, Stand 947, Greenside Ext: 1936. Greenside Ext,
House: Amaseni: 1924. Westcliff,
House: Plovers: 1935. Sandton,
House: St Margaret's, stables and outbuildings: 1930. Parktown,
House: Toward: c1902. Berea,
Houses B & M Hart: 1905.
Houses in Kilkenny Road: c1907. Parkview,
HUDACO House - National Union of Mineworkers Head Quarters: 1934.
Hudson Bldg: pre-1905.
Hugh Solomon Building: 1904 : 1926 : 1936. Hillbrow,
Huguenot Primary School: 1938. Langlaagte North,
Hume's Flats: 1927.
Hunt's Corner: 1966. Central,
Hunt, Leuchars & Hepburn Bldg: 1936.
Huntington Shops and Flats: 1950. Sandown,
HW Vorenberg, bldg: 1925.
Hyde Park Centre: 1970s. Hyde Park,
Hyde Park House: c1970.
IBM Offices: n.d..
Impala Stampede: 1960.
Imperial Building: 1934.
Imperial Hotel: 1935.
In Town Centre and Pedestrian Bridge: 1978.
Indaba Conference Centre: 1984.
Industrial House: 1937.
Ingrams Building: pre 1952.
Innes Chambers: 1959. Central,
Institute of Architects Building: 1956. Braamfontein,
Irene Church nursery: 1925.
Irene School: 1903.
Irene-Zaal - Irene Church Hall: 1898.
Irish Monument: 1975. Brixton,
Irol Mansions: 1927.
Ismarena Mansions: 1934.
J Davis & Sons Bldg: 1926.
J Fotheringham bldg: 1927. Cleveland,
J Frenkel & Co, warehouse: pre-1927.
J&E Mansions: 1932.
Jaff & Co., bldg for Katzenellenbogen: 1916.
Jan Smuts Airport: pre 1954.
JCI Building: 1984.
Jeppe Arcade: 1896.
Jeppe High School for Boys: 1906. Jeppestown,
Jeppe High School for Girls: 1920s. Kensington,
Jeppe House, The Oval: 1892. Jeppestown,
Jeppe Preparatory School: 1907.
Jeppe Synagogue, the Oval: c1927.
Jeppestown Club: c1896.
Jeppestown High School (Jeppe Boys' High School): 1906. Jeppestown,
Jeugtuiste / Youth Care Home: 1960s?.
Jewel City: 2020.
Jewish High School: 1910.
Jewish School: 1897.
Jewish School: 1896.
Jhb Consolidated Investment Bldg: pre-1937.
Joburg Contemporary Art Foundation: 2019. Forest Town,
Jocelyn Mansions: 1936. Joubert Park,
Johannesburg (General) Hospital: 1888.
Johannesburg Academic Hospital: 1978.
Johannesburg Art Gallery: 1910.
Johannesburg Art Gallery Extensions: 1986.
Johannesburg Athletics Stadium: 1996.
Johannesburg Building Society (JBS) Building: 1933. Central,
Johannesburg Central Police Station: 1968.
Johannesburg Central Property & Trust Bldg: 1925.
Johannesburg Civic Art Gallery: 1910 : 1987. Joubert Park,
Johannesburg Civic Centre: 1963.
Johannesburg Club, superseded Rand Rifles Club: 1906.
Johannesburg College of Education Great Hall: n.d..
Johannesburg College of Education Men's Hostel: 1950s?. Parktown,
Johannesburg Council Chamber: 2017.
Johannesburg Country Club extensions: 1937.
Johannesburg Country Club, Landscaping Proposal: 1973.
Johannesburg Fort: 1899. Hospital Hill,
Johannesburg General Hospital - First: 1889.
Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre: c2017.
Johannesburg Hospital: 1888.
Johannesburg Hospital - New block: 1920s.
Johannesburg Hospital, nurses' home: 1933.
Johannesburg Hospital, rebuilding scheme only: n.d..
Johannesburg Meteorological Observatory: 1904. Observatory,
Johannesburg Public Library: 1931.
Johannesburg Station: 1936. Central,
Johannesburg Sun Hotel: 1982-1985.
Johannesburg Technical College: 1990.
Johannesburg Turf Club Grandstand and Clubhouse: 1962/ 1978.
Johannesburg Turf Club Stand: pre-1937.
John Orr Building: 1935-1936.
Jooste & Bryant Building: 1906. Jeppestown,
Joscelyn, shop/warehouse front: c1918.
Josiah Parkes and Sons Ltd. Factory: c1955. Robertsham,
Joubert Bldg for Mr Weinbrenn: 1926.
Joubert Mansions: 1906.
Joubert Park Flats, duplex units: 1935. Joubert Park,
Joubert Park Kiosk and Conservatories: pre-1912. Joubert Park,
Joubert Park Mansions: pre-1910.
JoziRows: 2010. Forest Town,
JS Unterhalter premises: 1937.
Jubilee House, for Kulesha Investment: 1936.
Julius Jeppe Memorial, Jeppe Oval: n.d.. Jeppestown,
Jumma Masjid - Houghton Mosque: 2015.
Jumu'ah Masjid (Jooma Masgid) Mosque, Kerk Street Mosque (First): 1906. Central,
Jumu'ah Masjid (Jooma Masgid) Mosque, Kerk Street Mosque (Second): 1918. Central,
Jumu'ah Masjid - Kerk Street Mosque: 1991.
JW Jagger's warehouse: 1928.
Kalk Bay Fisheries Bldg: 1926.
Karp and Fisher warehouse: 1927.
Katz & Lourie Jewellers: n.d..
Keating Building: 1954. Hillbrow,
Kelvin House, add: 1931.
Ken Dickinson Printing Works: n.d..
Kenridge Hospital: 1970. Parktown,
Kensington Clinic, for the Holy Family Sisters: 1905. Kensington,
Kensington Community Hall: 1939.
Kensington Flats: 1897.
Kensington Sanatorium: pre-1937.
Kensington Stairs: n.d..
Killarney Hills: n.d.. Killarney,
Kimbell's Building: 1904.
Kimberley House: 1892.
King David Nursery School: c1948 : 1975.
King Edward VII High School for Boys: 1908-1911. Houghton,
King Edward VII School, pavilion: 1938.
King Yip: pre 1993. Rivonia,
Kings Cinema: 1950s. Alexandra,
Kings Court: 1935.
Kings Norton: 1930s. Berea,
Kingston House: 1936.
Kingsway Mansions: 1928. Auckland Park,
Kirstenbosch: c1950. Parkview,
Kleine Schuur, House Denis Santry: 1910.
Knightsbridge Mansions: 1926.
L Fatti & Co's Bldg: 1926.
L Ron Hubbard House: 1951.
L Zwergenhoft's Bldgs: 1892.
La Gavina House: 1990. Parkwood,
Laboratories for AECI Paints: 1981.
Labour Social Club (conversion Connaught Hotel): 1926.
Ladies' Hostel (unidentified bldg), Cottesloe: 1938.
Lake Cinema: 1940. Parkview,
Lamprecht House: n.d.. Parktown,
Landau Bldg: c1923.
Landdrost's Building: c1898.
Langlaagte Orphanage Girls' Hostel: 1907.
Lauriston Court: 1936. Orange Grove,
Law Court Headquarters Building: 1893.
Law Courts: 1910. Central,
Lawson Mansions: 1928.
Layout of University site: 1919. Milner Park,
Leander Mansions: 1905.
Lee's Chambers: 1895.
Legae Social Housing Project: 2005. Newtown,
Leicester House: 1927.
Lemon Pebble Design Office: n.d.. Newtown,
Lenharr Court: 1934.
Lennon's bldg: 1933.
Lensfeldt Building: n.d..
Leper Hospital: 1924.
Lewis & Marks Building: pre-1905.
Lewis and Marks Building - Second: 1935.
Lewis Building, add: 1937.
Lezard & Co Bldg, proposed: 1923.
Lhenveolan: pre-1944. Killarney,
Liberty Life Computer Centre: 1988. Doornfontein,
Liberty Life Headquarters - Phase 1: 1982. Braamfontein,
Liberty Life Headquarters - Phase 2: 1990. Braamfontein,
Library Bldgs: 1932.
Libridge: 1983. Braamfontein,
Lido Hotel: 1932.
Liederkranz Club - Queens Hall: 1904.
Liknaitsky & Cohen, bldg: 1905.
Liliesleaf Legacy Project: 2009. Rivonia,
Lincoln Mansions: 1923.
Linden Swimming Pool: 1964 : 2001. Linden,
Lindfield Victorian House Museum: 1910. Auckland Park,
Lintons Hotel - Duncan House: 1930.
Lion House (Wollacott House): 1909. Kensington,
Lion Match Factory: pre-1944.
Lion Synagogue: 1905. Doornfontein,
Lipson Bldg: 1928.
Lister Bldgs: 1931.
Little Cliff House: 2005. Craighall Park,
Livingstone Bldg: c1904.
Locarno & Geneva Houses: 1925.
Loewenstein Bldg: 1897.
Lombardy Bldg for Zoccola: 1926.
London House: 1935.
Lonehill Showhouse: 1982. Lonehill,
Longdale Mini Unit Industrial Complex: 1990.
Longsbank: n.d..
Lormat Court: 1935/8.
Lorna Court: c1931.
Lorna Court: 1934.
Lourenco Court: 1933.
Lousam Mansions: 1932.
Loveday House: pre-1912.
Lucerne Mansions: 1930.
Lucy's Motors: n.d..
Lusam Mansions: 1935.
Luthje's Langham Hotel: 1903-1905.
Luxor Court: n.d.. Bertrams,
Lyndon Hall: 1944. Parktown,
M Bloch & Co, Warehouse: 1923.
MacKay Bros Building: 1923.
MacKay Invest Trust Building: 1934.
Magistrate's Court: 1934.
Magnet House for British Gen Elec Co: 1924.
Mai Mai Bazaar: c1925 : 1992-1994.
Main House: 1935.
Main Post Office - Jeppe Street: 1933-1935.
Maisonettes: 1936. Rosebank,
Majestic Mansions: c1928. Parktown,
Manhattan Court: 1937.
Manley Court: 1935.
Manners Mansions: 1939.
Manners Mansions - Second: 1937.
Mansfield House: 1930. Central,
Marais Court: 1894. Marshallstown,
Maraisburg Hotel, reconstr: 1938.
Marble Arch: 1951. Hillbrow,
Margoles Dukes & Smith Head Office: 1991.
Margoles Dukes & Smith Head Office - Interior: 1991.
Maria Kloppers Kinderhawe: 1914. Observatory,
Marist Bros College, Inanda: 1939. Inanda,
Marist Brothers' Sacred Heart School: 1889. Observatory,
Maritime House: 1936.
Market bldg: pre-1908.
Market Building - Second: 1890.
Market Building - Third: 1911. Newtown,
Market Theater: 1976.
Markham's Building: 1896.
Marlborough House: 1905. Doornfontein,
Marlborough House: 1905.
Marlborough House: 1956.
Marlborough House, alt: 1935.
Marley House: 1935.
Masjid Himayatul Islam - Nugget Street Mosque: n.d..
Masonic Art Building: 1938.
Masonic Hall: 1935. Parktown North?,
Masonic Hall: 1893. Jeppestown,
Masonic Hall: 1894.
Masonic Temple - Second: 1896.
Master Builders' Assn Bldg: 1927.
Master Builders' HQ: 1936.
Maurann Court: 1934. Yeoville,
Maurice Bldg: 1897.
Mavis properties: 1931. Rosettenville,
Max Frank Building - Nox Wholesalers: 1941.
Mayfair Mosque: 1988.
Mayfair West Hotel: 1939.
McDonald Adams Ltd: n.d.. Industria,
Meadowbrook - Fontenay: 1934. Melrose Estate,
Medical Centre: 1946. Central,
Medical Chambers: 1930.
Medical Chambers: 1931.
Medical City: 1950s.
Medical School: 1919.
Meischke Building: 1913. Central,
Meischke's Building: c1920.
Melrose Crossing: 2006.
Melville Hotel: 1937.
Melville Methodist Church: n.d.. Melville,
Melville Stairs: n.d..
Mennel Pavilion, The: 1992. Melrose,
Mentone Court: c1935. Killarney,
Mercantile Bldg: 1892.
Mercantile Building - Clegg House: 1934.
Messrs Malcomess, store: 1925.
Messrs. Angehrn and Piel: 1911.
Metal Industries House: 1967.
Metro Goldwyn Meyer Theatre: 1932.
Metro Mall Transport Facility & Traders Market: 2002. Newtown,
Metro Theatre: 1932. Central,
Milan Court: 1927.
Miller House: 1972. Khyber Rock,
Miller's flats: 1928.
Milner Park show grounds: 1916.
Milner Park show grounds, manager's house: 1939.
Milner Park, show ground stables: 1937.
Milner Park, sports pavilion: 1924.
Mineralia: 1985. Braamfontein,
Miners' Monument: 1964.
Miners' Phthisis Sanatorium: pre-1912.
Minette House Grove Mansions (address?) ?8: 1935/8.
Minto Court: 1937.
Mission Hall & Hostel, Ferreira Deep: 1927.
Molfort Mansions: 1934.
Mon Desir: 1910. Jeppestown,
Monastery, Holy Trinity Catholic Church: n.d.. Braamfontein,
Montanne House: 1939.
Mortuary at the Gaol: 1896.
Moseley Bldg: 1905.
Moseley Bldgs: pre-1906.
Mosenthal Bros: 1939.
Mosenthal's Warehouse: c1924.
Mosenthals Building: 1911.
Mosque: 1906. Newtown,
Mosque for Bey Mia - Green Masjid: 1983. Eldorado Park,
Mostert's Building - Mainford House: 1902. Fordsburg,
MOTH cottages: 1936. Cottesloe,
MOTH Memorial Centre: 1959.
Motor City 1: 1990. Longdale,
Motor Corp of SA Ltd, alt, Claradon Bldgs: 1924.
Mount Royal: 1935.
Mount Sheridan: pre 1946. Berea,
Multichoice City: 2012-2015.
Munich Insurance Head Office: 1998. Parktown,
Municipal Offices: 1920.
Municipal Offices, known as the 'Tin Temple': 1903.
Munro Drive: 1918. Houghton Estate,
Murray Gordon Mansions: 1918. Westcliff Ridge,
Museum Africa: 1994.
Mutual Bank Buildings: n.d..
Mutual Village Offices: 1992. Rivonia,
Mutual Village Shops: 1992. Rivonia,
Mynpacht Hotel: 1896. Fordsburg,
Nashua Kopano Head Office: 2006.
Natal Bank Building - Second: 1899. Central,
Natal Building Society: c1970.
Nathanson's Building: 1905. Newtown,
National Bank: 1892.
National Bank: 1904 : 1953.
National Bank of SA: c1905.
National Bank of SA, won in comp: 1905.
National Bank of South Africa: pre-1910.
National Bank of Switzerland: 1919.
National Mutual Buildings: 1904-1906.
National Party Club: 1925.
Navy League of SA (Witwatersrand branch) headquarters at Wemmerpan: 1939.
Nazareth House: 1903. Yeoville,
NBS Bldg, consultant archts with COWIN & ELLIS: 1938.
NBS Bldg, Market/Rissik Sts, supervising archts: 1937.
Nedbank Banking Hall, Nedbank Centre - Interior: n.d.. Braamfontein,
Nedbank Banking Hall, Nedbank Mall - Interior: n.d..
Nedbank Centre: 1970. Braamfontein,
Nedbank Mall: 1975.
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1941. Linden,
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1943. Westdene,
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1904.
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1940. Brixton,
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1944. Kensington,
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1960's. Auckland Park,
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1946-1947. Bezuidenhouts Valley,
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1899-1902. Langlaagte,
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1925-1926. Turffontein,
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1935. Cottesloe (Vrededorp),
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1895. Fordsburg,
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1939. Melville,
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: n.d.. Brixton,
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1906. Fairview,
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1941. Rosettenville,
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk - Klipriviersberg: 1964.
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk - Waterval: 1928. Newlands,
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk Irene: 1932.
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk Parsonage: 1888?.
Nederduitse Hervormde Kerk: 1935.
Nederduitse Hervormde Kerk: 1928. Newlands,
Nederduitse Hervormde Kerk: 1899-1902. Paarlshoop,
Nederduitse Hervormde Kerk: 1935. Vrededorp/Cottesloe,
Nederduitse Hervormde Kerk - Cottesloe: 1939. Vrededorp,
Nederlandssprekende Hervormde Gemeente Maranatha (Reformed Church Maranatha): 1960. Parktown,
Nel's Rust Dairies: n.d.. Braamfontein,
Nelson Mandela Bridge: 2001-2003.
Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital: c2017. Parktown,
Nestle Distribution Centre and Offices: 2002. Longmeadow,
Netherlands Bank: n.d..
Netherlands Bank - First: c1897.
Netherlands Bank - Second: 1926.
Netherlands Bank Building: 1962. Central,
Netherlands Bank, Von Brandis Branch: 1938.
New Club: 1897.
New Court Bldg: 1902.
New Garage and storeroom for M Rainier: 1939.
New Grand National Hotel & flats: 1935.
New Kempsey Building: c1920s. Marshalltown,
New Plaza Centre: 1964.
New York Laundries: 1913. Lorentzville,
Newclare Smelting Works: 1934.
Newlands Hotel, rebuilt: 1936.
Newlyn Mansions, add: 1934.
Newtown Urban Development Framework: 2019.
Newtown Workers Cottages: c1915 : 2020-2021. Newtown,
NG Kerk Parsonage: 1898.
NG Kerk Sunday School: 1903. Troyeville,
NGK Saal - Hall: 1961. Melville,
NICD: 2008. Sandringham,
No.9 Jubilee: n.d.. Parktown,
Non-European Hospital, add: 1937.
Noordhoek (House Lipschitz): 1938.
Normal College, principal's house: 1931.
Normal College, Women's Hostels: 1955. Braamfontein Ridge,
Normal College, Women's Hostels: 1930. Braamfontein Ridge,
Normandie Court: 1937.
North Berwick: 1954. Houghton,
North British & Mercantile Ins Co: 1927.
North City House: 1964. Braamfontein,
North Western Hotel: n.d. : 1926.
Northampton Bldg: 1906.
Northcliff Water Tower: 1939.
Northwards: 1904 : 1912. Parktown,
Norwich Union: n.d.. Rivonia,
Norwich Union Bldg: pre-1906.
Norwich Union Bldg: pre-1905.
Norwich Union Building: 1896.
Nunnerley & Co Bldg: 1923.
Nunnerley & Co Bldg, at time of death: c1923.
Nunnerley's bldg: 1932.
Nurses' Home: 1912.
Nurses' Home, near hospital: 1906.
Nurses' quarters: 1932. Doornfontein,
Nuwe Genmin Hoofkantoor: 1993.
NZASM Rand Tram: 1890-1899.
NZASM Rand Tram Railway Station: 1896. Jeppe,
NZASM Rand Tram Railway Station - Park: 1894-1897.
O'Brien, EH, alterations and additions: 1934.
Oaklands Shopping Centre: n.d..
Observatory - later the Union Weather Station: 1904. Observatory,
Odeon Cinema: 1930s. Rosebank,
Office Building at Melrose Arch: 2001.
Offices and Stores at Newtown: 1914. Newtown,
Offices for Contactor (Pty) Ltd: 1962. Kew,
Offices for Gasworks: 1980.
Offices for Goldfields of SA: 1986.
OK Bazaars: n.d.. Rosebank,
Old Edwardian Society Club House: 1930. Houghton,
Old Fort: 1899.
Old Lion House: 1909. Kensington,
Old Mutual: 1936.
Old Mutual: 1894.
Old Palladium Bldgs, alts: 1927.
Olifantsvlei Créche: n.d.. Olifantsvlei,
Oliver Tambo International Airport: 1960s.
Olympia Building: 1906. Mayfair,
Opti-Baby Daycare: 2013. Wilgespruit,
Orange Grove Hotel: pre-1908.
Orkney Hotel: n.d..
Orpheum Theatre: 1919.
Orpheum Theatre: 1931.
Orpheum Theatre: 1912.
Osborne Chemists: 1898. Jeppestown,
Otto Beit Convalescent Home: 1892-1894. Parktown,
Otto Beit Convalescent Home, ward for babies: 1936.
Outreach Foundation Community Centre: 2015. Hillbrow,
Oxford Hotel: n.d..
Oxford Synagogue: pre 1964.
P Henwood, Son, Soutter & Co bldg: 1938. Newtown,
Palace Building: 1889.
Palladium Theatre: n.d..
Palladium Theatre: 1912.
Palmer Place: 1955.
Paradise: n.d..
Paramount Building: n.d..
Park Gate Mansions: pre-1906.
Park Hyatt: 1996.
Park Lane Mansions: 1923 : 1928. Parktown,
Park Lane Nursing Home: 1935.
Park Mitchell: 1959. Berea,
Park Royal: 1937.
Park Station : Johannesburg Main Railway Station: 1960s.
Park Station : Second Main Station: 1932. Central,
Park Station Chambers: pre-1906.
Park Station Chambers: pre-1910.
Parker Bldg, with C FREEMAN: c1895.
Parker Wood & Co: 1926.
Parker Wood Building - First: 1895.
Parking garage: 1935.
Parktown Boys' High School: 1922. Parktown,
Parktown Boys' High School, Cricket Pavilion and change rooms: pre 1944. Parktown,
Parktown Boys' High, caretaker's quarters: 1931.
Parktown High School for Girls - Assembly Hall: 1936.
Parktown High School for Girls - Main Building: c1922. Parkview,
Parktown Mansions: c1913.
Parktown Mansions, phase 1: 1923.
Parktown Mansions, phase 2: 1923.
Parktown Preparatory School - 3 Trematon Place: n.d..
Parktown Quarter: 1972; 2008. Parktown North,
Parkview Golf Club: 1932. Parkview,
Parkview Golf Club House, alt, add: 1931. Parkview,
Parkview, Greenside and District Synagogue: 1946.
Parkway Place: 1992. Bruma Township,
Parkzicht Mansions: 1944. Troyeville,
Pasteur Chambers: 1933.
Patidar Hall for Messrs Tvl United Patidar Soc Ltd: 1933.
Patidar Mansions: 1947.
Patlansky Bros and Patley: Chester House: 1926.
Patlansky's Bldg: pre-1923.
Paul Kruger Building : South African Railways Headquarters Building: 1966.
Pavilion - Second Race Track, Prospect: 1888.
Pein's warehouse: 1926.
Penlan House: 1897.
Penmore Towers: 1974. Central,
Penry Roberts Mansions: 1927.
Permanent Building (Victory House): 1896.
Peterhouse: 1934.
Peterson's Warehouse: 1925.
Pharmaceutical Society: 1996. Houghton,
Philadelphia Corner: 1950. Central,
Phumulani Social Housing Project: 2006. Newtown,
Pilrig: 1903.
Pimlico House: 1926.
Pioneer Park: 1920.
Pirate's Club: 1931.
Plague Lazaretto: pre-1912.
Plant Display House and Herbarium: 1966. The Wilds,
Plaza Kinema: 1931.
Plettenberg: 1954. Hillbrow,
Police Station: 1899?.
Police Station: 1924.
Police Station: c1887. Marshalltown,
Polliack Bldgs: n.d..
Polliack's Corner: 1934.
Polliak's warehouse, Selby, with COWIN, POWERS & ELLIS?: 1934.
Pollock Mansions: c1897.
Ponovez synagogue: 1931.
Ponte Building: 1975.
Post Office: c1960. Braamfontein,
Post Office: c1938. Parkview,
Post Office: 1898. Braamfontein,
Post Office: 1898. Jeppestown,
Post Office: 1898. Fordsburg,
Post Office - First: 1887.
Poswohl Synagogue (Lithuanian): 1921.
Premier Biscuit Co: 1925. New Doornfontein,
Premier biscuit factory: 1939. Doornfontein,
Premier Milling Bldg: 1926. Newtown,
Premises for Jewish Helping Hand & Burial Society: 1939.
Premises for Premier Timber Company: 1927.
Premises Mrs Halamandaris: 1930.
Presbyterian Church: 1897. Fordsburg,
Presbyterian Church - Second: 1889.
Presbyterian Church and Hall: 1932. Mayfair,
Presbyterian Church Manse: 1926. Parkview,
President Hotel: 1968.
Printing works for Walker & Snashall: 1937.
Pro Gymnasium: 1903.
Pro-cathedral: 1896.
Proposed block of flats: 1937. Bellevue East,
Protea Mansions: 1935.
Provident Bldg: c1904.
Provident Bldgs: 1904.
Provincial Bldgs: 1937.
Provincial Building Society: 1960.
Prudential Assurance Building: 1934.
Prudential House: 1934.
Public Convenience: 1911. Newtown,
Public Library: 1932-1934.
Public Library: 1898.
Queen Victoria Hospital - First: 1906.
Queen Victoria Hospital, nurses' quarters: 1938.
Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital: 1943. Braamfontein,
Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital, Nurses' Home: 1932.
Queen's Court: n.d. : 1936.
Queen's Hotel, adds: 1927.
Radoma Court: 1937.
Railway Institute: n.d..
Railway Station: n.d.. Braamfontein,
Railways Administration Building - First: 1904.
Raleigh Mansions: 1934. Yeoville,
Rand Afrikaans University (RAU): 1968.
Rand Aid Assn homes and flats for aged women: 1924.
Rand Aid Assn, dormitories: 1938. Wedge Farm,
Rand Aid Assn, flats: 1938. Cottesloe,
Rand Aid Assn, offices: 1938. Fordsburg,
Rand Club: 1889.
Rand Club - Second: 1888-1889.
Rand Club - Third: 1902-1904 : 1935.
Rand Club, consulting archt: 1889.
Rand Daily Mail Bldg, with AW HOSKINS: 1910.
Rand Daily Mail Building: n.d..
Rand Pioneers Memorial: 1932.
Rand Provident Bldg: 1921.
Rand Provident Bldg: 1933.
Rand Regiments Memorial: 1910. Eckstein Park,
Rand Ropes, offices: 1937.
Rand Water Board Building: 1961.
Rand Water Board Building: 1925-1926.
Randcom Building: n.d.. Braamfontein,
Randjeslaagte Estate - Jubilee Memorial: c1936.
Randle Bros Bldg: pre-1905.
Ranelagh Mansions: 1935.
Rathmines: c1900. Belgravia,
Ravenscraig: c1903 : 2007-2010. Parktown Ridge,
Raybern Mansions: 1927.
Raynor Court: 1930s.
RC Brown premises: 1936. Marshallstown,
RDM Ideal home: 1934.
Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Stations: 2009.
Reading Court: 1936. Berea,
Reckitts (Afr) Ltd: 1935.
Red Cross House: 1935.
Regal Flats: 1927.
Regent House for Kohler: c1927.
Reid Bros Building: 1921.
Rennette Mansions: 1935.
Rennie House: n.d.. Braamfontein,
Repository for E Morkel: 1934. Doornfontein,
Reserve Bank: 1938 : n.d..
Reserve Investment Building: pre-1905.
Reserve warehouses, stables for JW Jagger & Co: 1933.
Residence 1 Houghton Estate: 1934.
Residence in Hurlingham: 1950.
Residence Park View: 1934.
Residence van Vught: 1995.
Residence, Yeoville: 1906. Yeoville,
Revolf Shops and Flats: 1951. Greenside,
Rex Cinema: n.d.. Greenside,
Ridge Heights: c1932. Parktown,
Ridge School: 1932. Westcliffe,
Ridgeview Mansions: 1931. Hillbrow,
Rietvlei Community Centre: pre 1993. Kibler Park,
Rio Grand Mansions: 1935.
Ritz - renamed Whitehall Court: 1925. Killarney,
Ritz Hotel: pre-1929.
Riverside Hotel: 1917.
Robert Noble & Co Bldg, ext: 1892.
Robinson Bank Building: 1895.
Robinson Bldg: c1893. Central,
Rochester Mansions: 1931.
Roedean School: 1904. Parktown,
Roedean School - Additions: 1926.
Roedean School - Earle Block: 1950.
Roedean School - Sanatorium: 1938.
Roehampton Court: 1935. Central,
Rooms for D Rosen: 1938. Berea,
Rooms for Lazerow & Golombick: 1895. Fordsburg,
Rooms/flats: 1937.
Roosevelt Court: 1934.
Rosalin Court: 1935/8.
Rose Building: 1905. Fordsburg,
Rosebank Link: 2018. Rosebank,
Rosebank Mall: 1977. Rosebank,
Rosebank Telephone Exchange: n.d.. Rosebank,
Rosebank Towers: 2014-2016.
Rosebank Union Church: 1925. Rosebank,
Rosenberg Bldg: c1896.
Rosettenstein's warehouse: 1926.
Rosmund Apartments: n.d..
Rossack House: 1934.
Rotunda - South African Airways Terminal: 1961.
Rowallan Court: pre 1939.
Royal Arcade Bldgs (First): 1929. Central,
Royal Arcade Building (Second): 1955. Central,
Royal Chambers: pre-1905.
Royal Johannesburg Golf Club House: 1938. Linksfield,
Royalty Bio-Café: 1930. Central,
S Malk bldg: 1934.
SA Associated Newspapers: 1968-1970s. Central,
SA Contracting Assn Bldg: c1897.
SA General Electric Bldg: 1926.
SA General Electric Bldg, City & Suburban: 1926.
SA Gold Coin Exchange: c1982. Parktown,
SA Institute for Medical Research: 1912.
SA Party Bldg: 1920.
SA Party Club: 1919.
SA Party Club: 1923.
SA Permanent Bldg Soc: 1936.
SA Scale Co bldg: 1935.
Saambou Offices: 1950s?.
SABC Building: 1968-1975.
Sacca Ltd Distribution Centre: 1979.
Sack's Hotel - Orient Hotel: 1895. Fordsburg,
Sacke Building: 1903.
Sacred Heart Convent School: pre-1908. Belgravia,
Safren House: 1977. Braamfontein,
SAHETI Campus: n.d.. Senderwood,
SAHETI High School: n.d.. Senderwood,
SAHETI Nursery School: 1975.
SAHETI Primary School: 1975.
Sake Bldg: 1896. Jeppestown,
Salisbury Chambers (Masonic Hotel): 1891.
Salisbury House: 1935.
San Remo: 1937. Yeoville,
Sandigs Bldg: 1934.
Sandton Square: 1996.
SANLAM Bldg: 1934.
SANLAM Building: n.d..
Sanlam Business Centre: 1960s?.
Sans Souci Hotel: 1936.
SAPPI Head Office: 1984. Braamfontein,
Saratoga Villa for SB Height: 1889. Doornfontein,
SARB House: 1934. Marshallstown,
Sasol Place: c2017.
Sauer Building: 1903.
Savernake - House Dr WJF Davis: 1904.
Savernake, alterations - House Bernard Price: 1939.
Saxonia Flats - Carmel: 1896 : 1987.
Saxonwold House: 1960s. Saxonwold,
Scantlebury Bldgs: 1931.
Schlesinger Organisation Building: 1967. Braamfontein,
School: 1931?. Parkview,
School: 1950s.
School: 1950s.
School bldg, alt: 1896. Jeppestown,
School Clinic: 1919.
School of Mines: 1938.
Schreiner Chambers: 1968.
Scott, Guthrie & Co: 1924.
Second Corner House: 1895.
Security Building: 1935.
SEED Library at MC Weiler Primary School: 2013. Alexandra,
Sefton Court: 1934.
Semi-detached House: 1905. Doornfontein,
Semi-detached houses for R Scheider: 1905. Fordsburg,
Semshel/Sensel House for Seymour Sheldon: 1928.
Senderwood Gardens: n.d..
Sentech Tower - Albert Hertzog Tower - Brixton Tower: 1961-1962.
Shakespeare House: 1936. Marshallstown,
Shell Co of SA bldg: 1930.
Shell House: 1931.
Shell House: n.d.. Braamfontein,
Shelley Court: 1937. Bellevue,
Shinwell Bros bldg: 1937.
Shop for M Mitchell: 1912. Doornfontein,
Shop, 827-9 Market St: 1937.
Shop/Auction Mart/Offices for Klass: 1923.
Shops: 1937. Bellevue,
Shops: 1935.
Shops for Brummar & Feinberg: 1930.
Shops for Callimios & Paizes: 1938. Kenilworth,
Shops for CJ Friedrich: 1902. Fordsburg,
Shops for Dr Max Blieden, stand 723: 1938. Rosettenville,
Shops for Emil Levin: 1896.
Shops for Mrs B Edwards: 1932. Parkwood,
Shops in Parkhurst: 2009. Parkhurst,
Shops, flats: 1930. Rosebank,
Shops, flats, stands 721 & 856: 1928.
Shops, for Segal Bros: 1926. Braamfontein,
Shops, offices for Mr Segell: 1928.
Shops/flats: 1927.
Shops/flats: 1935. Rosettenville,
Shops/flats near subway of railway station: 1928.
Shops/offices: 1930. Jeppestown,
Shops/rooms for S Paizes,: 1936. Braamfontein,
Shotley Lodge, add: 1934. Berea,
Silesia Building: 1896.
Sisters of Notre Dame, School: pre-1905. Belgravia,
SKF Pharmaceutical Factory: 1958. Isando,
Skyline Hotel: n.d..
Skyline Hotel: 1940s. Hillbrow,
Small House: n.d.. Waverley,
Societe Francaise du Commerce: 1896.
Somerset House: 1904-1905.
Sonneblom Film Studios: 1990-91. Randpark Ridge,
South African Airways Terminal - Rotunda: 1961.
South African Apartheid Museum: 2001.
South African Building Society Building: 1936-37. Central,
South African College of Music (Music School): 1904/5. Doornfontein,
South African Reserve Bank: 1995.
South Gauteng High Court: c1910.
South Rand Hospital: n.d.. The Hill,
Southern Life Association, addition: 1931.
Southern Life Building: 1938-1939.
Speculative House (a) for B Saperstein: 1909. Orange Grove,
Speculative House (b) for B Saperstein: 1909. Orange Grove,
Springbok Hotel: c1913.
St Agnes Mansions: n.d..
St Aidans Anglican Church: 1913. Yeoville,
St Alban's Church: 1927. Ferreirasdorp,
St Andrew's Bldg Soc: 1928.
St Andrew's Church: after 1936. Kensington,
St Andrew's Church: 1903. Fairview,
St Andrew's Presbyterian Church: 1903. Fairview,
St Andrew's School, adds: n.d..
St Andrews Bldg Soc: 1928.
St Anne's Church, Marshall St: 1906. Jeppestown,
St Anthony's Catholic Church: 1980. Coronationville,
St Aubyn's: 1928. Westcliff,
St Augustine's Church: 1904. Doornfontein,
St Augustine's Church: 1936. Orange Grove,
St Brendan's Church, Ranelagh Estate: 1939.
St Charles Borromeo Catholic Church: 1966.
St Columba's Presbyterian Church: n.d.. Parkview,
St Cyprian's Church: n.d..
St Francis Anglican Church: after 1936. Parkview,
St Francis Anglican Church Hall: n.d.. Parkview,
St George's Church: 1904 : 1910. Parktown,
St George's Church, Parsonage: 1911. Parktown,
St George's Home for Boys: 1920. Cleveland,
St George's Home, chapel: 1936.
St George's Presbyterian Church: 1904.
St Hubert's Catholic Church: 1930. Alexandra,
St James Mansions: 1904-1905.
St John's Anglican Church: 1904. Belgravia,
St John's College: 1907 : 1913 : 1933 : 1937. Houghton,
St John's College, Masters' Houses: 1939.
St John's College, Memorial Chapel: 1924.
St Joseph's Home, add: 1938.
St Katharines School: 1919 : 1973-2015. Parktown,
St Luke's Anglican Church: 1907. Orchards,
St Margaret's School: 1914.
St Mark's Church: 1922. Yeoville,
St Mary of the Wayside Catholic Church: 1959. Maryvale,
St Mary's Anglican Church: 1887.
St Mary's Building: n.d..
St Mary's Cathedral: 1922.
St Mary's Cathedral, War Memorial Chapel: 1924.
St Mary's Church Home: 1903. Jeppestown,
St Mary's Hall: 1904.
St Mary's Hall, Supervising architects: 1904.
St Mary's School: 1934 : 1938. Waverley,
St Mary’s Arcade: n.d..
St Patrick's Mansions: 1922.
St Peter's Anglican Church: 1960.
St Rose's Convent, add: 1927. La Rochelle,
St Saviour's Church, City & Suburban: 1905.
St Vincent School for the Deaf: 1935. Melrose,
Stables of Pallinghurst: 1903 : 1925.
Standard Bank: 1918.
Standard Bank: 1939. Fordsburg,
Standard Bank: 1917.
Standard Bank: 1937.
Standard Bank: c1894.
Standard Bank Centre: 1968.
Standard Bank Gallery: 1990.
Standard Bank Hall, National Board House - Interior: n.d..
Standard Bank Headquarters: 1993.
Standard Bank Memorial plaque to fallen staff in the First World War: c1924.
Standard Bank of South Africa: 1905-1907.
Standard Bank, (project not carried out): 1918.
Standard Bank, Selby (Standard bank of SA Arc): n.d.. Selby,
Standard Bank, Von Weilligh St (Standard Bank of SA Arc): n.d..
Standard Brass Iron & Steel Foundries, offices: 1938.
Standard Theatre: 1891.
Stanhope Mansions: 1935.
Stanley House: n.d..
Stanley House for African City Props Trust: 1926. Central,
Stansfield, Ratcliffe & Co bldg: 1937. Selby,
Star Building, The: 1965. Central,
Star Office Bldg: 1932.
State Building: pre 1957.
Steadman Mansions: 1934. Central,
Steel and Barnetts furniture factory: 1935.
Stenborough Bldg: 1937.
Ster Cinema: pre 1993. Orange Grove,
Ster Land Cinema: 1969.
Stewarts and Lloyds Building: 1909.
Steytler Bldg: 1896.
Stock Exchange Building - First: 1887.
Stock Exchange Building - Fourth: 1958-1960.
Stock Exchange Building - Second: 1889. Central,
Stock Exchange Building - Third: 1902.
Stone Bridge: n.d..
Stone Bridge - Gleneagles Road: n.d..
Stone Bridge - Hilson Road: n.d..
Stone Bridge - Parkhurst: n.d.. Parkhurst,
Stonehouse (House Baker): 1902. Parktown,
Store Bros Building - Second: 1897.
Store for F Sage & Co: 1939.
Store for Hofman Bros: 1935. Marshallstown,
Strathearn Mansions: 1931.
Studio and Gazebo of St Margaret's: 1984. Parktown,
Studio Di van der Merwe: 2010.
Studio-Home: 2013?.
Stuttaford's Building: 1897 : 1903 : 1929.
Suffolk House (Mansions?): 1926.
Sunbeam House: 1931.
Supreme Court Buildings: 1914.
Surrey House: 1990.
Surrey House: 1934.
Surtees and Son: n.d.. Heriotdale,
Suzman & Green offices, stand 1334: 1926.
Swedish Church: 1889-1890 : 1911. Joubert Park,
Sydney Carter Garage: 1935. Selby,
Synagogue: 1903. Jeppestown,
Synagogue: 1888-1889.
Synagogue: 1922. Yeoville,
Synagogue: 1926. Bertrams,
Synagogue: 1930.
Synagogue: 1905. Fordsburg,
Synagogue: 1928. Mayfair,
Synagogue: 1916. Turffontein,
Synagogue: 1929. Rosettenville,
Synagogue: 1888.
Synagogue - First: 1921. Berea,
Synagogue - Second: 1926/7. Jeppestown,
Synagogue, Beth Hamedrash: 1912.
Synagogue, End St: 1906.
Synagogue, reconstruction of interior of old synagogue: 1895.
Synagogue, submitted a plan: 1903.
T&C Head Office and Warehouse: 1962/ 1972. Isando,
Talisman Foundation - Additions: 1995. Parktown,
Talmud Torah Synagogue,alt: 1918. Doornfontein,
Tarry's Bldg, reconstr: 1927.
Tattersall's bldg: 1934.
Tax Collectors Offices: 1893.
Taxi Rank No 2: 2013?. Diepsloot,
Taynult: 1904. Waverley,
TB Clinic or Clinic for Diseases of the Chest: 1923.
Telephone Equipment Store: 1893.
Telephone Exchange: n.d..
Telephone Tower: 1893.
Telkor Fabrieke: pre 1993.
Temple Israel: 1936.
Tenement Buildings: pre-1912.
Thabana House: 1902-1903. Jeppestown,
Thatched House: 1904. Riviera,
The Bridge Shopping Centre: 1993. Joubert Park,
The Franklin (Previously Ernst & Young): n.d..
The New Colosseum: 1987.
The Star Model House Competition: 1954: First Prize: 1954.
The View: House Sir Thomas N Cullinan: 1896-1897.
Theatre Royal, add: 1892.
Theatre, Mayfair: 1931. Mayfair,
Third Church of Christ Scientist: 1925. Parkview,
Thorne & Stuttafords Building: 1927.
Three Castles Cigarette Co: 1898.
Three houses for Cobus and Rita Stofberg: n.d.. Parkview,
Three Houses in Sixth Street: 1986. Orange Grove,
Thrupp & Co Grocery Warehouse: 1938.
Thrupps Ltd: 1902.
Tigcloma House: 1938.
Tin Temple: 1903.
Tommy's Garage: 1935.
Top Star Drive-in: 1960.
Total Oil Service Station: 1959. Fairview,
Total Oil Service Station: 1961. Isando,
Tower Garage: 1936.
Tower House Bldg: 1929.
Tower of Light, West Campus, University of the Witwatersrand: 1936.
Town Houses: 1960's ?. Sandton,
Trades Hall: 1905.
Trades Hall: c1912.
Trades Hall: 1913-1914.
Trades Hall - First: 1905.
Traduna Building: c. 1950s.
Traduna House: n.d.. Braamfontein,
Training College: c1910. Braamfontein,
Tramway Employees' quarters: pre-1912.
Tramway Sheds: pre-1912.
Transbor House: 1984. Rivonia,
Transvaal Chamber of Mines Pavilion, Rand Show: 1953.
Transvaal Co-op Egg Circle Bldg: 1930.
Transvaal Drug Co: 1930.
Transvaal Goldfields Building: 1896.
Transvaal Hat and Cap: 1921.
Transvaal Hindu Seva Samaj: 1939.
Transvaal House (now SARB House): 1934.
Transvaal Memorial Hospital for Children: 1923. Braamfontein,
Transvaal Mutual and Investment Society: 1930.
Transvaal Scottish War Memorial: 1923. Parktown,
Transvaal Soap Co. building: 1909. Auckland Park,
Transvaal University College - School of Mines: 1906.
Transvaaler Leader Bldg: 1902.
Transvaalsche Bank en Handelsvereeniging (later Security House): 1906.
Tree House: n.d.. Westcliff,
Troye House, shops, bank, offices: 1938. Central,
Troyeville Hotel for Chandlers: 1938.
Trust Bank: 1970s. Central,
Trust Bldg for the SA Investment & Trust: 1897.
Trust Buildings: 1897.
Tudor Lodge: 1933. Saxonwold,
Turbine Hall: 1927-1934 : 2005.
Turkish Bath: 1889.
TW Beckett's Bldg, alt with H ROWE ROWE: 1931.
TW Beckett, offices/factory/store, with H ROWE ROWE: 1939.
Twentieth Century Cinema: 1940.
Twin Houses in Melville: 1990.
Twins Pharmaceutical: n.d.. Isando,
Twist St Bridge: pre-1912.
Two Artists' Houses: 1987.
U Siegell premises: 1931.
Undenominational Children's Home: c1912.
Unicorn House: 1960s.
Unicorn Lines Container Depot: n.d.. Denver,
Union Castle Building: 1937-1939.
Union Club: 1913 : 1936. Central,
Union Corp & Finance Bldg: 1937.
Union Flour Mills Bldg: 1934.
Union House: 1928.
United Building Society: 1930.
United Building Society Head Office: n.d..
United Building Society, additions: 1934?.
United Chinese Club: 1948.
United Tobacco Co Factories: n.d..
University House: 1912.
University of Johannesburg, A-Ring Lecture Theatre: 2014.
University of Johannesburg, Arts Centre: 2005.
University of the Witwatersrand Campus: 1918.
University of the Witwatersrand, Bernard Price Institute: 1935.
University of the Witwatersrand, Central Block - Robert Sobukwe Block: 1920.
University of the Witwatersrand, Chamber of Mines Building - Faculty of Engineering: 1986.
University of the Witwatersrand, Chemistry and Physics block: 1919.
University of the Witwatersrand, Chemistry and Physics block: 1924.
University of the Witwatersrand, competition design: 1920.
University of the Witwatersrand, Cricket Pavilion - Interdenominational Prayer Room - The Sanctuary: c1930 : c1980.
University of the Witwatersrand, David Webster Hall: 1992.
University of the Witwatersrand, Dental Hospital: 1951.
University of the Witwatersrand, Digital Arts Building: n.d..
University of the Witwatersrand, Engineering Building: 1925.
University of the Witwatersrand, ext, Engineering block: 1934.
University of the Witwatersrand, Flower Hall: c1960.
University of the Witwatersrand, Gate House: 1967.
University of the Witwatersrand, Hostels: n.d..
University of the Witwatersrand, hostels: 1921.
University of the Witwatersrand, Jan Smuts House: 1950s.
University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg Planetarium: 1960.
University of the Witwatersrand, John Moffat Building: 1950s.
University of the Witwatersrand, Life Sciences Complex: 1978.
University of the Witwatersrand, Main Block - Great Hall: 1920-1925 : 1937-1940.
University of the Witwatersrand, Main Building, foyer of the Great Hall: 1936.
University of the Witwatersrand, Medical Library: n.d..
University of the Witwatersrand, Medical School building: 1926.
University of the Witwatersrand, Medical School, proposed: 1919.
University of the Witwatersrand, Mining and Geology Building: n.d..
University of the Witwatersrand, North West Engineering Building: 1966.
University of the Witwatersrand, Oppenheimer Life Sciences Building: 1980.
University of the Witwatersrand, Origins Centre - Rock Art Gallery: c2017.
University of the Witwatersrand, Principal's residence: pre-1927.
University of the Witwatersrand, Science Block : n.d..
University of the Witwatersrand, Senate House: 1967.
University of the Witwatersrand, Sir Ernest Oppenheimer Halls of Residence: n.d..
University of the Witwatersrand, site layout: 1919. Milner Park,
University of the Witwatersrand, Social Sciences Building: 1960s.
University of the Witwatersrand, Sutton Close: 1979.
University of the Witwatersrand, The Wolf and Hirsch Hillman Engineering Building: 1936.
University of the Witwatersrand, Tower of Light, West Campus: 1936.
University of the Witwatersrand, War Memorial: n.d..
University of the Witwatersrand, Wartenweiler Library: 1971.
University of the Witwatersrand, William Cullen Library: 1933.
University of the Witwatersrand, Yale Telescope Building: 1926.
Valley Road Houses: 2004. Westcliff,
Vannin Court: pre 1939.
Vaulted house: c1920. Newlands,
Vaulted house, stand 7718: c1920. Kensington,
Velocity Films: 1996. Rivonia,
Victoria Hotel: 1935.
Victoria Mansions: 1905.
Villa Arcadia: 1909. Parktown,
Villa Colette: 1936.
Villa FEA Beck: 1902. Berea,
Villa Mayfair: 1898. Mayfair,
Villa P Krause: 1902. Berea,
Village Deep houses: 1915. Village Deep,
Village Deep Mining Co housing schemes: n.d..
Villas for Mrs Rintoul: c1902. Doornfontein,
Volkskas Bldg, Fordsburg: 1936. Fordsburg,
Volkskas, Market Square: 1946. Central,
Von Brandis House - First: 1886.
Voortrekker Centenary Memorial: 1938. Emma Park, Linden,
Voortrekker Monument: 1938. Newlands,
Voortrekkers Press Bldg: n.d..
W Jagger Warehouse: 1894.
Walberton Manor: 1994. Parktown,
Walter Block: c1904.
Walter Wise Building: 1935.
Wanderer's Club - First Pavilion Hall: 1889.
Wanderer's Club Hall: pre-1905.
Wanderer's Club, ext alt: 1927.
Wanderer's Club, Stands: pre-1937.
Wanderers Club: 1889.
Wanderers Club Pavilion: 1954. Illovo,
War Memorial: 1925.
Warehouse and showrooms for Morleys: 1936.
Warehouse for Academic Investment: 1936.
Warehouse for African Indian Merchants: 1927.
Warehouse for Consolidated City Props: 1935.
Warehouse for Cooper, Maister & Grebler: c1914.
Warehouse for DI Fram & Co: 1925.
Warehouse for Faivelsohn & Kavin: 1931.
Warehouse for Ginsberg Ltd: 1928.
Warehouse for John Thomson & Co: 1934. Marshallstown,
Warehouse for Mr Cohen: 1930.
Warehouse for Soreson Bros.: 1939.
Warehouse for The Belfast: 1926.
Warehouse for Toronto House: 1937.
Warehouse HH Reid: 1936.
Warehouse, Cohen & Goldman: c1925.
Warehouse, Newark Investment: 1937.
Washington House: 1937.
Weber House: 1934.
Welcome Beer Hall: 1937. Mayfair West,
Wembley House: 1926.
Wesleyan Church: 1894. Fordsburg,
Wesleyan Church: 1903. Jeppestown,
West Park Cemetery, Jewish wall of remembrance: n.d..
Westbury Clinic: c2017.
Westcliff Estate: 2003.
Westcliff Hotel: n.d..
Westcliff House: n.d..
Westcliff Park: 1918.
Westcliff Stairs: 1929-1933.
Western Province Bldg: n.d..
Westminster Mansions: n.d.. Yeoville,
Westridge: 1935. Parktown,
Wevell Bros bldg: n.d..
White House Hotel, alt: 1930.
White River Citrus Growers packing and storage sheds: 1925.
Wilton Mansions: 1935. Primrose Terrace,
Wimpole Chambers: 1928.
Winchester House: 1896 : 1932.
Windermere Court for Epstein: 1925.
Wits Art Museum (WAM): 2011. Braamfontein,
Wits Technikon: 1986.
Wits Theatre - Performing Arts Centre: 1983.
Witwatersrand: 1895.
Witwatersrand Agricultural showground, layout: 1895.
Witwatersrand Technical College: 1936-1938.
WJ Bush bldg, add, City & Suburban: 1938.
WM Cuthbert and Co Factory: 1932.
Women's Jail: n.d.. Braamfontein,
Women's Jail Precinct: 2005. Braamfontein,
Woodlands Retail: 2005. Woodmead,
Woolworths Building: 1934.
Worker's Library & Museum: 1995. Newtown,
Workers' Accommodation, New Johannesburg Country Club: 1967. Wendywood,
Workshops, stands for Carrier International: 1937. Selby,
WR Boustred's Building: 1935.
Wyham Flats: pre-1929.
Wyndhams - House HC Hull: 1905. Parktown,
Ye Rokkes: 1902. Westcliff,
Yeoville Clinic: 1995.
Yeoville Water Tower: 1913. Yeoville,
Yeoville Water Tower (concrete): n.d..
YMCA Building - Second: 1912.
York Buildings: 1898.
York House - First: 1955. Central,
YWCA: 1917.
Zarran Mansions: 1949.
Ziman Bldg: 1895.