KwaMaqoma (Fort Beaufort), Eastern Cape

Founded: 1837

Originally amed after the 5th Duke of Beaufort, Henry Somerset (1744 – 1803). He was the father of the Cape Governor Lord Charles Somerset. In 2023 the name was changed to KwaMaqoma after Xhosa warrior chief Maqoma.

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List of structures:

Barracks: after 1835.
Beaufort House: n.d..
Commercial Hotel: Pre-1903.
Defensible Guard House: c1830.
Hospital: 1936.
Hospital: pre-1921.
Hospital: 1846.
House Piet Retief: n.d..
Katberg Pass: 1860-1864.
Magistrate's Court: n.d..
Martello Tower: n.d..
Masonic Hall: n.d..
Mess House and Officers Quarters - Museum: c1830.
Methodist Church: n.d..
Mission Church: 1898.
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1951-1952.
Post Retief: 1836.
Rietfontein: n.d..
Savoy Hotel: n.d..
Sephton Manor: c1835.
St John's Anglican Church: n.d..
Stoneyfields: n.d..
Town Hall: c1935?.
United Church: n.d..
Victoria Bridge - Kat River: 1844.