Whittlesea, Eastern Cape

Named after the birthplace in Cambridgeshire of Sir Harry Smith.


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"When the news of the Ngqika uprising reached these northern districts Richard Tylden, a captain in the Royal Engineers conducting a survey in the district, took command. He ordered the fortification of Whittlesea and four of the more substantial buildings in the village were battlemented, loopholed and named respectively Fort Blazes, Misery, Luxury and Loxton."

Transcribed from The Edges of War - A History of Frontier Wars (1702 -1878) by John Milton, Juta, 1983.

Submitted by William MARTINSON.

List of structures:

Fort Blazes: 1851.
Fort Loxton: 1851.
Fort Luxury: 1851.
Fort Misery: 1851.
Hilton Methodist Church: 1903. Hilton Farm,
Waterdown Dam: 1958.