Simonstown, Western Cape


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List of structures:

ABC Bldg: n.d..
Aerial Cableway: 1902-1904.
Arcadia Flats: 1950.
Atwell's Bakery: 1897.
British Hotel: 1897.
Central Hotel: 1900.
Da Gama Cross: 1965.
De Beer's Cold Storage: 1901.
Dias Cross: 1965.
Dockyard Church - First: 1813-1814.
Dockyard Church - Second, St George's Dockyard Church: 1820-1824 : 1898.
Dockyard Police Quarters: n.d..
EK Green & Co Bottle Store: 1905.
Hamoaze Court - Holiday Court: c1935.
House 'J': 2008.
House Blackburn (now House Boulder): n.d.. Bellevue,
House EA Lankester (Blofield): 1905.
House JD Low: 1913.
House Shear: 1972.
House Strugo: 2006.
House W Runciman, MLA: 1899.
Huts for Fresh Air Camp at Froggy Pond: 1937.
Infant School: 1851.
Information Centre and Entrance Kiosk: 2003. The Boulders,
Kramats Tuan Dea Koasa and Tuan Ismail Dae Malala: n.d..
Lord Nelson Hotel: 1931.
Manse and hall: n.d.. Glencairn,
Martello Tower: 1795.
Masonic Hall - Phoenix Lodge: 1860.
Masonic Hotel: 1898.
McKay's Shops and Residence: 1899.
Mosque and School: 1923.
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1856.
NG Kerk Parsonage - Die Stempastorie: 1900.
Police Station and Barracks: 1939.
Remembrance Garden: 1977. Seaforth,
Runciman's Building: 1898 : 1800.
SA Navy Living Quarters Simonsberg: 1963.
Sailors' Home: n.d..
Saints Simon and Jude Catholic Church: n.d..
Simon's Town High School: 1896.
Solent Court: c1935.
St Francis Church: 1834.
Telegraph Office: 1866.
United Services Club: 1931.
War Department Boundary Marker Stone No. 16: n.d..
Water Reservoir: n.d..
Welcome Cottage: n.d.. Glencairn,
Whyte’s Buildings: 1910.