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ALLUM, Alfred Stan(d)ley

Born: fl. 1875


Also referred to as STANDLEY-ALLUM, Alfred.

Trained as an architect, probably in England, and came to South Africa in 1875. He practised in Bloemfontein around 1876 where the greater part of his work was executed. In 1878 he dedicated himself to the Anglican priesthood and in this capacity was stationed variously at Bethlehem, Jagersfontein, Barkly West and Kimberley where he was responsible for various parish buildings. He was responsible for a wood and iron annex to the Anglican cathedral of Bloemfontein (cf D MALE) which was presumably demolished when J HILDER's design for an enlarged cathedral was built by R WOCKE in 1881-5. His name is sometimes found spelt Standley-Allum.

(Schoeman 1982)

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List of projects

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Anglican Cathedral of St Andrew and St Michael: 1866 : 1876 : 1885. Bloemfontein, Free State - Architect
Anglican church and rectory: n.d.. Bethlehem, Free State - Architect
Carnarvon hospital: 1874. Kimberley, Northern Cape - Architect
St Cyprian's theological school, add: 1876. Bloemfontein, Free State - Architect
St Michael's church home: 1876. Bloemfontein, Free State - Architect