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List of Projects


Established: 1903
Ended: 1907


The partnership, based in Johannesburg, between H BAKER, FE MASEY and EW SLOPER. According to Sloper's obituary (cf. SLOPER), he arrived in Cape Town in 1902 and joined Baker's office there. He accompanied Baker to Johannesburg and became a full partner in Johannesburg in 1903. The partnership lasted from 1903 until 1907, continuing for a year and a half after Sloper returned to England. Sloper, a gifted architect and designer and a practical man as well, was greatly valued by Baker, who bought two copies of Sloper's book English Country House Design, published in 1911. Between Baker and Sloper a number of houses were designed which were to have considerable influence on house design in South Africa for about half a century. According to Greig (1970), Sloper played a significant role in the designs for the work on the Westminster Estate in the Orange Free State.

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