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Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk
Victoria West, Northern Cape

UNIDENTIFIED: Architect 1846
Wynand Hendrik LOUW: Architect 1922

Date:1846-1850 : 1922
Type:Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk - Church


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31°24'14.45" S 23°06'31.35" E Alt: 1283m

Plans were approved on 7 September 1846 and the church was officially opened on 10 March 1850. The church was built by Cormack and Pringle and originally had a thatched roof which was replaced by corrugated iron in 1881. The pulpit was made by a Mr Pringle. The original tower allowed for a clock but it was never installed. In 1856 a Mr Enslin was appointed to build the pews but due to a shortage of timber they took two years to complete. The ceiling was only installed in 1861.

In 1914 Wynand LOUW suggested that a new church be built but this was postponed due to the outbreak of WWI. After the war the congregation decided to rather renovate the existing church. Renovations included: a new tower, lobbies, teak doors, ceiling, plastering and a teak pulpit. The remodeled church was officially opened on 8 October 1922.

(Source: Viljoen, J.L. 1943. Eeufees-gedenkboek: Victoria-Wes. Victoria-Wes: Karoo-Drukpers. Submitted by Paul VAN DER MERWE)

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