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Artillery Barracks (Defence Headquarters) Staatsartillerie
Tshwane (Pretoria), Gauteng


Type:Military structure


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25°45'26.28" S 28°10'49.58" E Alt: 1350m

This building is grand in an uncompromising manner, as with most of the ZAR PWD buildings it is constructed of the usual red brick and ochre, with corrugated-iron roof. The elongated double-storied building is divided into the usual five sections: an ornate central section is flanked by two recessed, simple blocks containing the main portions of the building; and at either end, pavilion-like end-pieces; these, together with the central section, have square turreted roofs terminated by finials and a clock tower forming a slender centre-piece.

(Picton-Seymour, 1977: 279-280)

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