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Author:SAWW & Donaldson, K (Ed.)
Title:South African Who's Who (Social and Business) 1925-1926
Place:Cape Town
Publisher:Ken Donaldson

People or firms linked to this book

BAKER, Sir Herbert. pp 10
BLACK, William Patrick Henry. pp 22
COX, Gurth Howard. pp 56
DE ZWAAN, Wilhelm (Wim) Johannes. pp 70
HOBSON, Joseph Reginald. pp 122
HOWDEN, Robert. pp 127
JACKSON, Reginald Neville. pp 133
KIRKNESS, John Johnston. pp 146
MOERDYK, Gerard Leendert Pieter. pp 184
MURRAY, Charles. pp 192
PILKINGTON, Henry Lionel Gordon. pp 211
STUCKE, William Henry. pp 262