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Author:Walker, Michael
Title:A Statement In Stone
Place:Cape Town
Publisher:Privately published by Michael Walker

A Statement In Stone focuses on the history of the early architects and architecture of Muizenberg and its neighbours. Because Rhodes saw fit to have a seaside cottage there and brought with him his architect, BAKER, others of the moneyed class followed suit, hijacking the services of Baker - who hence gets a chapter to himself - or bringing in their own respective architects of choice, with these biographic entries arranged chronologically by year of birth (you need the index if you only have a name). In consequence, we have a good and diverse representation of the architects practising in the first decades of the 20th century; and many extant projects from these early years that shows the local professionalisation of the discipline of architecture. Even this event is recorded in detail in the book. The facts are well researched and laid out; illustrated with interesting and authentic drawings sourced from the local municipality. A valuable addition to the historiography of the discipline and profession of architecture in South Africa.

(Book Review by Roger FISHER, Architecture South Africa. March/April 2011:77)

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Towns linked to this book

Kalk Bay, Western Cape. pp
Muizenberg, Western Cape. pp
St James, Western Cape. pp

Buildings linked to this book

Alliance Assurance Co Building - Protea Assurance House, 1933 : 1990, Cape Town, Western Cape. pp 33
Balmoral Hotel, 1932 : 1937 : 1939, Muizenberg, Western Cape. pp 97
Cape Provincial Administration Building, 1939 : 1975, Cape Town, Western Cape. pp 33
Christian Brothers College, 1936, Green Point, Cape Town, Western Cape. pp 33
EK Green Warehouse, 1914, De Waterkant, Cape Town, Western Cape. pp 24
Exchange Building, 1927, Cape Town, Western Cape. pp 33
Hirsch's Temperance Hotel - Scowen's Hotel - Marine Hotel, 1892 : 1898 : 1908, Muizenberg, Western Cape. pp 14
Hooten’s Garage - Masque Theatre, n.d. : 1925, Muizenberg, Western Cape. pp 14
House Countess Labia - Casa Labia, 1928-1930, Muizenberg, Western Cape. pp 35
House Ellenberg, 1923, Cape Town, Western Cape. pp 23
House Green, 1912, Cape Town, Western Cape. pp 22
House Spilhaus: Hohenort, 1906, Constantia, Western Cape. pp 24
Olympia Theatre - Bakery, 1918, Kalk Bay, Western Cape. pp 92
SA Mutual Life Assurance Society Building - Mutual Heights, 1934-1936 : 2004-2005, Cape Town, Western Cape. pp 33
SA News Building, now Nasionale Pers, 1904, Cape Town, Western Cape. pp 24
Temple Chambers - Board of Executors Building, 1893 : 1929, Cape Town, Western Cape. pp 33

People or firms linked to this book

ALEXANDER, George Murray. pp 7-8
BAKER, Sir Herbert. pp 43-48, 95-96
BLACK, William Patrick Henry. pp 61-67
BLACK and FAGG. pp 61-67
CHERRY, Frederick (Fred). pp 20-22
COOKE, Edwin Austin. pp 14-17
COWIN, Norris Tynwald. pp 24-28
DAMSTRA, Mello Gerardus. pp 36-38
DE WITT, Anthony (Antonie) Mauritz. pp 11
DELBRIDGE, William John. pp 5, 28-30, 82-83, 96
DRAIBY, Frederick Marius Rasmussen. pp 77-78
ELSWORTH, Lancelot Andrew. pp 73-77
FAGG, William George. pp 61-67
FALLON, Walter Adolphus Ritchie. pp 85-86
FORSYTH, Alexander. pp 57-60
GLENNIE, Frederick McIntosh. pp 32-36, 42, 95
GRANT, William Hood. pp 69-72, 96-97
GREAVES, Henry [Harry] Sidon. pp 6-7
HAWKE, William. pp 68-69
HITCHIN, Thomas Henry. pp 10-11
HOETS, John George Douglas. pp 30-32
JONES, Herbert Thomas. pp 77-83
JONES and DRAIBY. pp 77-83
KENDALL, Franklin Kaye. pp 49-52
LONSTEIN, Julius. pp 97
LUBYNSKI, Norman Francis. pp 41-42
LYON, John. pp 85-87
LYON and FALLON. pp 85-87
MacGILLIVRAY, Donald. pp 69-72
MacGILLIVRAY and GRANT. pp 69-73
MANSERGH, Brian George Lewis. pp 39-40
MASEY, Francis Edward. pp 43-47, 49-50
McCARTHY, Charles. pp 100-102
McKINLAY, Walter Nicol. pp 69
McQUEEN, Hugh Alexander. pp 83-85
MORRIS, James. pp 51-52
PARKER, John. pp 56-60
PARKER and FORSYTH. pp 57-60
PERRY, John. pp 87-90
PERRY and STOCKS. pp 89-90
PILKINGTON, Henry Lionel Gordon. pp 49, 68, 83-85
PILKINGTON and McQUEEN. pp 83-85
RANSOME, George. pp 8-10
REID, Arthur Henry. pp 19-20, 28, 53
REID and DELBRIDGE. pp 53-54
ROBERTS, Hubert Luscombe. pp 42
SEELIGER, Johann Carl Ernest. pp 22-24
SIMPKIN, Edward. pp 12
SMITH, Charles Henry. pp 17-19
SMITH, Joseph Andrew. pp 38-39
TULLY and WATERS. pp 54-56
VIXSEBOXSE, Johannes Egbertus. pp 12-13
WALGATE, Charles Percival. pp 73-76
WALGATE and ELSWORTH. pp 73-76