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Author:Cumming-George, L
Title:Architecture in South Africa - Volume Two
Place:Cape Town
Publisher:The Speciality Press of S.A. Ltd.


In this second volume of "ARCHITECTURE IN SOUTH AFRICA" one will readily perceive the change that is taking place in the architectural world. The modern note is emphasising itself, but apart from that, South Africa is creating an architecture which, while it may follow the modern trend, is distinctly and definitely South African.

It has been the purpose of the compiler to show this phase as much as possible, for this book is intended to be a record of South African architecture, and save for our frontispiece — South Africa House in London — presents buildings, public and domestic, culled from all parts of the Union of South Africa.

That South Africa House in London belongs to this country — is definitely ours in design and purpose — is accepted by all. It has also revealed the riches and wonders of South Africa to the world — for the world visits London. And to South Africans when travelling it has meant a wider opened door and a feeling of fellowship which we who love both countries desire intensely to promote.

The first volume published in 1933 showed South African architecture of the older school, though here and there the modern note crept in, this slim second volume is more valuable in that it depicts a transitional year and gives a faithful record of advanced expressions as well as those which still cling to tradition.

It is also hoped that it will be possible to continue this recording of the years, thereby promoting pride of achievement in our own people and knowledge to the world, lacking in the past.

I have to thank the architects whose work has been illustrated in this issue for their courteous assistance, and also the editors of "Architect Builder and Engineer", the "South African Architectural Record", the "South African Builder", and B. R. Herring, for the loan of blocks; and for the loan of photographs — E. H. Bedford, Jan. Gillam, R. F. Sheppard, R. M. ELLENBERGER, and Mills & Davey.

L. C. G.

The Flat Roof in Domestic Architecture By Douglas M. Cowin.

Buildings linked to this book

Anchor Mansions, 1931, Johannesburg, Gauteng. pp 31
Arundel Court, 1934, Johannesburg, Gauteng. pp 39
Barclays Bank - First National Bank Headquarters, 1933, Central, Cape Town, Western Cape. pp 74-75
Barclays Bank - The Royal Albert, 1933, Salt River, Western Cape. pp 105
Boere Saamwerk Beperk, Wool Store, 1927, Observatory, Cape Town, Western Cape. pp 79
Castle Mansions - Second, 1930, Johannesburg, Gauteng. pp 43-44
Catholic Cathedral, 1932, Tshwane (Pretoria), Gauteng. pp 32
Circle Court, 1934, Hillbrow, Johannesburg, Gauteng. pp 45
Colonial Mutual Life Building, 1933, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. pp 94-95
Colosseum Theatre, 1931, Central, Johannesburg, Gauteng. pp 41-42
Consolidated Goldfields Building, 1933, Johannesburg, Gauteng. pp 37
Dove's Undertakers, 1933, Johannesburg, Gauteng. pp 40
Dunvegan Chambers, 1933, Central, Johannesburg, Gauteng. pp 35
Glenalmond, c1932, Melrose, Johannesburg, Gauteng. pp 57-58
Houghton House, 1934, Houghton, Johannesburg, Gauteng. pp 55-56
House at Wynberg, c1932, Wynberg, Western Cape. pp 82-83
House Boyes, 1933, Brooklyn, Tshwane (Pretoria), Gauteng. pp 62
House Fridjhon, c1930, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. pp 106
House J Pretorius Botha, 1933, Brooklyn, Tshwane (Pretoria), Gauteng. pp 63-64
Lion Hotel, 1933-1934, Springs, Gauteng. pp 67-68 ill
Loreto Convent, 1933, Sea Point, Cape Town, Western Cape. pp 69-70
Lourenco Court, 1933, Johannesburg, Gauteng. pp 47
Lucerne Mansions, 1930, Johannesburg, Gauteng. pp 38
Main Post Office - Jeppe Street, 1933-1935, Johannesburg, Gauteng. pp 33-34
Mercantile Building - Clegg House, 1934, Johannesburg, Gauteng. pp 36
National Mutual Building, 1933, Cape Town, Western Cape. pp 77
National Mutual Life Association of Australasia, 1905 : 1933, Cape Town, Western Cape. pp 77-78
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk - Bethlehem-Wes, 1930, Bethlehem, Free State. pp 98
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk Irene, 1932, Johannesburg, Gauteng. pp 29-30
Netherlands Bank Building, 1931-1934, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. pp 91
Park Station : Second Main Station, 1932, Central, Johannesburg, Gauteng. pp 23-24
Pavilion and Tidal Bath, 1934-1936, Sea View, Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth), Eastern Cape. pp 88
Perry's Stores, 1933, Benoni, Gauteng. pp 65 ill
Playhouse, 1927, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. pp 92-93
Plaza Kinema / Metro Cinema, 1934, Cape Town, Western Cape. pp 76
Princess Alice Home of Recovery of Children, 1930-1933, Retreat, Cape Town, Western Cape. pp 72-73
Public Library, 1932-1934, Johannesburg, Gauteng. pp 27-28
Residence - Oranjezicht, c1934, Oranjezicht, Cape Town, Western Cape. pp 86-87
Residence 1 Houghton Estate, 1934, Johannesburg, Gauteng. pp 51-52
Residence Park View, 1934, Johannesburg, Gauteng. pp 53-54
Scott's Building - formerly OK Bazaars, 1932, Cape Town, Western Cape. pp 80-81 ill
Standard Bank, 1931, Tshwane (Pretoria), Gauteng. pp 59-60
Synagogue, 1932, Benoni, Gauteng. pp 66
University of the Witwatersrand, William Cullen Library, 1933, Johannesburg, Gauteng. pp 25-26

People or firms linked to this book

BAKER and MASEY. pp 77-78
BROWNLEE, Herbert John. pp 72
CAWSE, Charles Edwards. pp 53-54
CLINCH, Brendan Joseph. pp 32
COOK and COWEN. pp 47
EARLE, Leslie Marriott. pp 84-85
EATON, Norman Musgrave. pp 62
ELSWORTH, Lancelot Andrew. pp 94, 95
FRIDJHON, Clement Raymond (Clem). pp 106
GRINKER and SKELLY. pp 55-56
HENNESSY and HENNESSY. pp 94, 95
JOHNSTON, Alan Connor. pp 86
LEITH, George Esslemont Gordon. pp 23
LOUW and LOUW. pp 98
MANSERGH, Brian George Lewis. pp 82-83
MARSHALL, Arthur James. pp 67-68
McQUEEN, Hugh Alexander. pp 69
MOFFAT and HARVEY. pp 36, 37
NUNN, Aubrey Victor. pp 63-64
PERRY, John. pp 77
PORTER, Harold Nixon. pp 29
ROGERS COOKE, Percy. pp 41, 92
SMALL, Charles McRobbie. pp 51
SPICER, Harold Wolseley. pp 92
STUCKE and HARRISON. pp 38, 59
VON BERG, Wilfred Clement. pp 40, 65
WALGATE, Charles Percival. pp
WALGATE and ELSWORTH. pp 94, 95