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Author:SAWW & Wooten & Gibson (Eds.)
Title:Who's Who of Southern Africa 1963
Publisher:Wooten & Gibson (Pty) Ltd

People or firms linked to this book

AAB, Frank Albert Werner. pp 81
AITCHISON, Mareuil de Villebois. pp 91
ANDERSON, Deane. pp 99
BARNETT, Jack Judah. pp 126
BATTISS, Walter Whall. pp 128
CHEETHAM, John Erskine. pp 201
COWIN, Douglas Maurice. pp 222
COWIN, John Norris. pp 222
DANEEL, Chrysostomos Savonarola. pp 235
DAVIDOVITZ, Joseph. pp 682
EATON, Francis Owen. pp 267
EATON, Norman Musgrave. pp 267
FASSLER, John. pp 283
FINKELSTEIN, Nathan Isaac. pp 289
GARDINER, Kenneth Edward Frederick. pp 316
GOW, Keith Ewart. pp 335
HONIKMAN, Alfred Harold. pp 388
HUSSEY, Geoffrey Mark. pp 401
KENT, Henry Alfred Parkes. pp 436
LEITH, George Esslemont Gordon. pp 470
LODGE, Clement Scarr. pp 483
LOUW, Tobias Johannes Wynand (Tobie). pp 486
LOUW, Wynand Hendrik. pp 486
LOUW, TJ. pp 486
LUDEKER, Han. pp 488
LUPINI, Luigi (Gigi). pp 488
MARKOVITZ, Marke Ellie. pp 518
MARSTON, Harry John (Jack). pp 521
MARTIN, Anderson Rodger. pp 521
MAXWELL, Gordon Douglas Dunlop. pp 525
MAYER, Hendrik Petrus Frederick. pp 532
McWILLIAMS, Herbert Hastings. pp 508
OSMOND, William Prescott. pp 585
RINALDI, Raymond Clement. pp 642
RITCHIE, Duthie. pp 643
SANDROCK, Brian Alan T. pp 667
SHAPIRO, Hymie Phillip. pp 682
SIMPSON, Jack Stanley. pp 693
SIMPSON, Bernard Arthur. pp 693
STAUCH, Hellmut Wilhem Ernst. pp 710
TIMLIN, Clifford. pp 749
TODD, Cyril Erik. pp 750
VOS, Eric Francis. pp 796
WALE, Laurence Sydney . pp 799
WATSON, Henry Arthur Ingress. pp 809
WOODROW, Alan Clement C. pp 840