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Author:Brown, SM
Title:Architects and others: an annotated list of people of South African interest appearing in the RIBA Journal 1880-1925
Publisher:Unpublished dissertation, University of the Witwatersrand

A bibliography compiled for Diploma Libr, dissertation, University of the Witwatersrand, Department of Bibliographic Librarianship and Typography.

People or firms linked to this book

ACKERMANN, Adolphus William. pp
ADAMS, Martin. pp
ADAMSON, William M. pp
AGUTTER, Edwin Albert. pp
ALEXANDER, George Murray. pp
ALEXANDER, John William. pp
ARMSTRONG, Eric McDonald. pp
AYRTON, Ormrod Maxwell. pp
BAILEY, William Henry. pp
BARRETT, Percy William. pp
BARRY, John Wolfe, Sir. pp
BEALL, Walter John. pp
BEGG, John. pp
BEVAN, William Henry. pp
BLACK, Herbert. pp
BLACK, William Patrick Henry. pp
BLYTHE, Samuel Osborne. pp
BRADFORD, George Sydney Herbert. pp
BUTTERFIELD, William. pp
CAIRNCROSS, Thomas W. pp
CLARKSON, William Albert Paxton. pp
CLELAND, John Stockwin. pp
COLLCUTT, Thomas Edward. pp
COMMIN, Kenneth Vernon. pp
COODE, John, Sir. pp
CORDEAUX, Herbert John Charles. pp
CORMACK, James Noble. pp
COWIN, Douglas Maurice. pp
CRAN, John. pp
CROSS, Arthur George. pp
CUNNINGHAM, Samuel Baikie. pp
CURRY, John Henry. pp
DE SMIDT, Reginald Ernest. pp
DELBRIDGE, William John. pp
DEUCHAR, Charles Cunnold. pp
DICKSON, George Arthur Hamilton. pp
DIXON, Charles Guy. pp
DONALDSON, Thomas Leverton. pp
DUDGEON, Philip Maurice. pp
DUNN, William Newton. pp
DYER, Cyril Hamilton. pp
EDWARDS, Charles Henry. pp
EGAN, John Edward. pp
ELLIS, Thomas Gordon. pp
FAGG, William George. pp
FAIREY, William George. pp
FALLON, Walter Adolphus Ritchie. pp
FARROW, John Wilford Hilbert. pp
FITZGERALD, George Edmond. pp
FLEMING, George Granger. pp
FORD, William Henry. pp
FORSYTH, Alexander. pp
GARDINER, Kenneth Edward Frederick. pp
GILDARD, Robert Jonas. pp
GODFREY, Leopold Henry. pp
GOLDING, William Arthur. pp
GORDON, George William Hamilton. pp
GREAVES, Henry [Harry] Sidon. pp
GREEN, Frederick George. pp
GREGG, Ebenezer. pp
HALDER, Albert Hubert. pp
HALL, Joseph Lockwood. pp
HALL, Watson. pp
HART, Edward Goyen. pp
HAWKE, William. pp
HEIR, Montague John. pp
HILL, Patrick Joseph. pp
HIME, Sir Albert Henry. pp
HIRST, William. pp
HITCHIN, Thomas Henry. pp
HODDER, Richard Nicholls. pp
HOFMAN, Paulus Johannes Cornelius. pp
HOLLAND, James Harry. pp
HOLT, Frank Bransbury. pp
JURITZ, John William. pp
KENT, Frank Manoah. pp
KNOX, Edward Baldwin John. pp
LAMBERT, Leslie Charles. pp
LAW, Walter Scott. pp
LAWRIE, Alexander Fraser. pp
LE SUEUR, Geoffrey Eustace. pp
LECK, William. pp
LESLIE, Francis Seymour. pp
LIGHTFOOT, Brodrick St Clair. pp
LINDSEY, Lance Stephen. pp
LOUW, Hendrik Jacobus. pp
LOUW, Wynand Hendrik. pp
LUCAS, William. pp
MARSHALL, Arthur James. pp
MASEY, Francis Edward. pp
MAXWELL, Francis John McCullum. pp
MAYO, Ernest Alfred. pp
McCOWAT, Robert Lockhart. pp
McCUBBIN, David Aitken. pp
McDONALD, Donald Calvert. pp
MERRIFIELD, Charles Henry Norman. pp
MILLIGAN, Thomas William [Wickham?]. pp
MILNE, George Gordon. pp
MOERDYK, Gerard Leendert Pieter. pp
MOFFAT, John Abraham. pp
MOFFAT, John Arthur Carter. pp
MONSBOURGH, Alan Gordon. pp
MORRIS, Henry Seton. pp
MORRIS, James. pp
O'NEILL, John. pp
OMAN, William Campbell. pp
OSBOURN, Edward. pp
PAPWORTH, Alfred Wyatt. pp
PARKER, John. pp
PARKIN, William Gordon. pp
PATON, James Wallace. pp
PAYNE, Edwin Osman. pp
PAYNE, Wilfrid Stonehouse. pp
PEARCE, Henley Dawson. pp
PEARSE, Geoffrey Eastcott. pp
PENTLAND-SMITH, James Buchanan. pp
PEYTON, Leslie Arthur. pp
PHENĂˆ, John Samuel. pp
PITTS, Henry Davidge. pp
POWELL, William Henry. pp
POWERS, Ernest Marston. pp
PRICE, Matthew Burn. pp
RANSOME, George. pp
REES, George Stanley. pp
REES-POOLE, Vivian Sydney. pp
REID, Walter. pp
REID, William Henry. pp
REID, Arthur Henry. pp
REID, AH and W. pp
ROBERTSON, Robert MacBeth. pp
ROBERTSON, Frederick William. pp
ROBERTSON, James David. pp
ROXBURGH, Charles Wallace. pp
SCHOLTE, Anton Hendrik. pp
SCOTT, John Oldrid. pp
SHANKS, William. pp
SIMPKIN, Edward. pp
SIMPSON, Alric James Anthony. pp
SIMPSON, Sir John William. pp
SLADDIN, Frederick Robert Edwin. pp
SLADDIN, Thomas Arthur. pp
SLOPER, Ernest Willmott. pp
SMAIL, David Ian Hay. pp
SMITH, Charles Henry. pp
SMITH, Harold Bayldon. pp
SMITH, William MacKenzie. pp
STENT, Sydney. pp
STEVENSON, Ernest Henry. pp
STEWART, Robert Ian. pp
STOCKS, Clifford William Burnett. pp
STREET-WILSON, William. pp
STRONG, Francis David. pp
TAIT, Henry Makins. pp
TAIT, Alfred Alexander. pp
THOMPSON, Albert John. pp
TOLL, Edward Roy. pp
TONKIN, Wilfred Wiseman. pp
TROUNSON, John William. pp
TULLY, John Collingwood. pp
TWIST, Joseph William. pp
VAN DER RIET, Henry Berthault. pp
VIXSEBOXSE, Johannes Egbertus. pp
WALKER, Hugh Aitken Hutchinson. pp
WALKER, Hubert William. pp
WATERSON, John. pp
WATSON, Robert. pp
WAUGH, Edward Henry. pp
WEBBER, Henry Stanton. pp
WHITE, William. pp
WHITE-COOPER, William. pp
WHITMORE, Sidney Wallace. pp
WHYTE, William George. pp
WILSON, Allen. pp
WILSON, John Goddard. pp
WOODCOCK, Edgar Hugh. pp